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Best Citizens of India Award 2013



The International Publishing House, The World”s most leading biographical specialists

does here by proclaim that   Dr. Pemmaraju VR Rayudu has been conferred with The Best Citizens of India Award 2013.




For being B.E.,M.Tech,Diploma(Management & French).Dr.of Astrology,he has been studying,

researching and practicing Hindu Astrology for the last four decades. He had been a Senior

Scientist of DRDL.,was the founder member of Solid Propulsion Activities in DRDL. He was

responsible for the BuildUp of Solid Propulsion Facilities of Static test beds, environmental test

facility,assembly shop etc., and design & development of Solid Propulsion Rocket Motors for

the Guided Missiles of Projects ATM.DEVIL. He had started the activities of Thrust Vector

Control and Dual Thrust Rocket Motors. He also participated actively in the R&D and Project

Management of Projects ATM, DEVIL, PECHORA, P-15,PTA,AKASH and TRISHUL. He was the

pioneer to start the Human Resource Development ,Value Engineering and Safety Activities

in DRDL for the first time in Defence R&D Organization. Through his innovative management

techniques, he recruited about hundred engineers in a record time to meet the urgent needs

of manpower for the Integrated Guided Missile Programme and conducted Value Engineering

Investigations efficiently for Project PRITHVI, TRISHUL and NAG.His contribution towards

Human Resource Development. Safety Policy Formulations and Value Engineering have been

of high quality. He has taken voluntary retirement on personal grounds after serving DRDO for

three decades in various capacities. He got many Awards such as Daivagna Ratna, Jytish

Aradhakulu, Santhanam Award for best article on Nadi Astrology, Ugadi Award from AP

Government, Mother Teresa Excellence Award, Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award, Indira Gandhi

Seva Ratna Award, Bharat Jyoti Award, Life Achievement Award ,Pride of India Award etc from

different organisations in consideration of his meritorious contribution made and distinguished

services  rendered to the cause of Astrology and Occult Sciences ..He travelled in India and

abroad giving lectures and consultations in Astrology. He published two research books

“How to read a Horoscope” and “How to match Horoscopes for marriage” and many research

articles. He developed an unique astrology software out of his research. His website

www.rayuduastrology.com would give more details about his Software, Awards, Articles,

Books, Media, Personal Information, DRDL Certificates from Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam, the then

Director of DRDL.& General VJSundaram, the then Associate Director of DRDL.



Director International Publishing House New Delhi



( The International Publishing House is also honouring a few most outstanding politicians and ciine stars with the maiden series of the Best Citizens of India Award for  their spectacular performance in their chosen areas of activity. The personalities include, Shri MVRajasekharan MLC Former state planning minister. Dr.Bhisham Narain Singh Ex-Governor, Shri Joginder Singh Former CBI Director, Shri GVG Krishnamurthy Former election commissioner, Air chief marshal NC Suri, Excelling architect Feroz Kudianawala, Acknowledged architect Hafiz Contractor, Lord Swaraj Paul NRI, Smt. Sumitra Singh Speaker of Rajastan, Dr. Raghubir S.Kadian Speaker of Haryana, DR. Naresh Trehan Chief Cardiavascular Surgeon, Dr.Deka Dean AIIMS.

The International Publishing House will be publishing a book entitled “The Honoured Best Citizens of India” to commemorate this event of national significance. Each page will be dedicated to one of the Awardees. It shall have the citation justifying the worthiness for this coveted Award. The propoaed volume shall be available in the major markets of India, shall be kept in certain libraries, and shall also find its way to the private study shelves of the learned intellectuals and luminaries in India.)












Jyotish Rajrishi Award




The Second National Astrological Conference Committee consider it their proud privilege to confer the distinguish title of JYOTISH RAJRISHI to Dr.Pemmaraju VR Rayudu of Vinayanagar Hyderabad in recognition of his Extra-Ordinary Services to the course of Research and Development of Astrology on the august occasion of the conference on the 10th August 2013 at Mahanadi Niwas Auditorium Hall, Nalco nagar, C.S.Pur, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.


Dr.Harikrishna Prusty, Director Award committee

Dr.Surender Mohanty, Director Award committe

Hon.Shri Justice M.Papanna, Award committee

Dr.N.Sadasiva Rao, Chairman SIVA


Similarly Jyotish Bharati Award is given to Pemmaraju Bharati, wife of Dr. Pemmaraju VR Rayudu. See photos of this event below:



Bharat Jyoti Award: Certificate of Excellence

Mr. Pemmaraju VR Rayudu adds another prestigious award to the already long-list of awards he has been honored with for the past several years.

The Bharat Jyoti award was awarded to Mr. Rayudu for Meritorious Services, Outstanding Performance and Remarkable Role
by Dr.Bhishma Narain Singh, Former Governor of Tamil Nadu & Assam at a Seminar on Economic Growth & National Integration at New Delhi  on 10th June 2013

Gurpreet Singh
Secretary General
India International Friendship Society
The past recipients include: Beatified Mother Teresa, former vice-president B. D. Jatti, Governors like Iqbal Singh Governor Of Pondicherry,  Shekhar Dutt (Governor Of Chhattisgarh) Dr DY Patil (Governor Of Tamil Nadu) Gen J J Singh (Governor Of Arunachal Pradesh) Justice M. Fathima Beevi, Gen. G. V. Krishna Rao, Lt Gen Ajai Singh and Dr. Bhisham Narain Singh; former  Air-Chief-Marshal N. C. Suri, former chief justices of the Apex Court like Justice P. N. Bhagwati, Justice R. S. Sarkaria, and Justice H. R. Khanna; Election Commissioner G. V. G. Krishnamurthy;  Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh Prem Kumar Dhumal, Dr. Ramesh Pokhral Nishank Chief Minister Uttarkahand Mr. N. Rio,Chief  Minsiter Of Nagaland, Shri Digambar Kamt Former Chief Minister Of Goa Speakers like Dr. Harbans Kapoor (Uttaranchal), Udai Narain Chaudhary (Bihar) and Finance Minister of Jammu-Kashmir Shri Abdul Rahim Rather; Member Of Parliament Like Moshina Kidwai, Amar Singh, R C Kuntia Dr Mehboob Beg, Dr. Bhalchandra Mungekar like seasoned heart specialists like Dr. B. K. Goyal, Dr. Naresh Trehan; Dr. S. K. Sama, Dr. Nasir Shroff celluloid evergreen stars like Sunil Dutt, Dev Anand, Pran, Shammi Kapoor, Rajinder Kumar and Rajesh Khanna; playback singers like S. P. Balasubramaniam;  educationist like Dr. Abid Hussain; sarod maestro like Ustad Amjad Ali Khan; cricketers like Sunil Gavaskar and Syed Kirmani; and Olympic Medalist Abhinav Bhindra & Dhanraj Pillay.

Indira Gandhi Seva Ratna Puraskar

Presented to Dr.Pemmaraju Venkata Ramana Rayudu Renowned Astrologer Best Vedic Astrologer Retired Deputy Director Defence Research & Development Laboratory for Outstanding Individual Achievements and Distinguished services to the Nation by Dr.I.M.Quddusi (LLD) Hon”ble Senior Justice High Court of Chhattisgarh & Executive Chairman Chhattisgarh State Legal Services Authority at New Delhi on 8th April 2012, organised by All India Economy Survey Award Council,Delhi and News Live Bhubaneswar.

Life Achievement Award

Dr.Pemmaraju V.R.Rayudu has been honoured wth Life Achievement Award for meritorious achivements in diversed field of activities that immensely contributed for the progress of the society and the nation at a seminar on “India’s Development-Current Scenario” held at Bangalore on 25th March 2012 organised by Integrated Council for Socio-Economic Progress, Trissur, Kerala. The award was given by Hon’ble Shri Rajasekharan Former Planning Minister Government of India.

Pride of India Award

Presented to Dr.Pemmaraju V.R. Rayudu for Outstanding Individual Achievements & Distinguished Services to the Nation by Hon’ble Shri D.H.Shankaramurthy Chairman Karnataka Legislative Council on Saturday 17th March 2012 at Bengaluru, organised by All India National Unity Council,Delhi.

Shining Image of India Gold Medal

Executive Award 2012 and Certificate of Execellence (Gold Plated)  Presented to Dr.Pemmaraju Venkat Ramana Rayudu Renowned Astrologer for his Outstanding Individual Achievements and Distinguished services to the Nation by Dr.I.M.Quddusi (LLD) Hon”ble Senior Justice High Court of Chhattisgarh & Executive Chairman Chhattisgarh State Legal Services Authority at New Delhi on 8th April 2012, organised by All India Economy Survey Award Council,Delhi. And News Live Bhubaneswar.

Mother Teresa Excellence Award – Feb 21, 2010

Mr. Rayudu recieved Mother Teresa Excellence Award for his contribution in the field of research in missile technology and astrology on Feb 21, 2010 at Bangalore, organised by the Integrated Council of Socio-Economic Progress, Trissur, Kerala..

Mother Teresa Excellence Award Certificate:

This is to certify that Pemmaraju V.R. Rayudu has been honoured with Mother Teresa excellence award in recognition of outstanding achievements, experience, and noble contributation in chosen field of activity at a seminar on ” Development Challenges towards 21st Century Inida” held at Bangalore on 21 Febraury 2010 by Shri M.V.Rajasekharan, hon’ble formeer Union MInister of State for Planning, Govt. of India

Shri Santhanam Award – 2001

Let us forget for a while the artificial controversy of astrology being science or art and start enjoying the great moment of its supremacy over the other disciplines of knowledge. The Times of astrology is presenting here a great soul of scientist who deserted the useful branches of science for the cause of the divine science, the astrology, the Jyotirved wilfully by seeking the voluntary retirement from Defence Research and Development Laboratory in Government of India where he had already contributed much as a senior scientist under high voltage environment of physical sciences including Value, Armament and Space engineering.

This noble soul descended down in Andhra Pradesh in his present incarnation of P. V. R. Rayudu at Vinayanagar ,Saidabad on 7th September 1938 and started his educational sojourn with brilliance from the very beginning. That brilliance started appearing in his academic career of school days transgressed not only to his career in Engineering colleges of Andhra Pradesh but also to other prestigious institutions of Management, Computer learning, Vedanta Sanskrit; and South Indian classical instrumental music where he chose to learn to play Veena, the divine instrument attached to all images of Goddess Saraswati, the only mother of all types of knowledge. This brilliance coupled with a scientific temper he acquired during his disciplined studies and researches thereafter in his work field, has garnished with richness of deep thought and enlightenment, his scholarly articulations in the field of astrology, the divine science, the Jyotirved. His article “Nadi Astrology: An Overview, appeared in Annual issue 2000 AD of the Times of Astrology, the bilingual monthly of Jyotirved, has demonstrated his all skills of writings as well as the quest of divine knowledge of Jyotirved.

Nadi Astrology has been popular since time immemorial in South India, as is the case of Bhrigu or Ravana Samhitas etc in North India. There have also been tremendous efforts to dig out the underlying principles of delineating horoscopes by eminent scholars including the late Dr B.V. and Shri Divakaruni Venkata Subba Rao, the admitted Gurus of Mr.Rayudu. Shri K.N.Rao and Mr.R.G.Rao have also many things to their credit for working in this field of Nadi astrology However, it is the article “Nadi astrology: An Overview” by Shri Rayudu that gives the clearest picture of Nadi astrology in its totality and a fair, honest and almost exhaustive review of the same. The approach of the scholar in this article has been very scientific This approach has been devised by our great seers while teaching Vedanta Darshan in general.

After introducing his subject in his article, Shri Rayudu has narrated the history of Nadi Granthas ab initio before describing the part of procedure to operate with these Granthas or leaves.. Thereafter he has tried successfully to indexify the contents of Nadi Granthas as per their different chapters or Kandams. The learned author has also put forth the Toll claims of Nadi astrologers and examine the same dispassionately with his comments for almost all popular Nadi readers of South India with live illustrations there from covering all aspects of General, Profession, Shanthi or Parihar Kandams therein. He has also included his personal experiences of consulting Kowmara Nadi Vasistha Nadi ,Maha Siva Vakya Tulya Nadi, Kaushika Nadi Kashyap Nadi, Shuka Nadi, Viswamitra Nadi, Vyasa Nadi, Agastya Nadi and Skanda Nadi in Chennai, Salem, Kancheepuram, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Secunderabad and Tirupati from 1968 onwards. Like an ardent student of this science, he has also enumerated some doubts and questions more than 100 in number in Para 54 of this great article, exhaustively.

Before concluding his article with earnest advice and request to all serious researchers in astrology including Nadi astrology to come together exchanging their information freely on the subject through internet and e-mails etc and rich individuals, trusts, government and private agencies Swamis and Ashrams to help financially for researches, he had also set a path with pointing out the concrete issues for required further research on Nadi astrology in Para55 of the article.

The articulations of such an article involving the highest degree of dedication, commitment, perseverance and hard work could not have been possible by an author other than the outstanding scholar and exalted soul with the divine grace from our great seers and savants of Astrology and Vedic Traditions.

Let us commemorate the great modern savant of astrology, late Shri R. Santhanam, the founder Editor of TOA and welcome and honour the Great soul known to us by the name of Shri P. V. R. Rayudu for his valuable as well wonderful article “Nadi Astrology : An Overview”, though he has equally useful other articles published in the Times of Astrology, The Astrological Magazine, Express Star Teller, Vedic Astrology and Today’s Astrologer along with his books, “How to read a Horoscope” and “How to Match Horoscopes for Marriage” to his credit after being well received by the readers throughout the globe.

We pray to Almighty and our Gurus for his all-round success, bliss and longevity .

Live! Long!! P.V.R.Rayudu!!!

Live! Long!! Jyitirved!!!

Live! Long!! Astrology!!!

Live! Long!! The Times of Astrology!!!

Live! Long!! Nishkam Peeth Prakasham!!!

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New Delhi-110001 Ph: 3717743,3717738 Editor, “The Times of astrology”

Award to Mrs. Rayudu

The First National Astrological Conference 2011 Committee under the auspicious of Scientific Institute of Vedic Astrology, Bhubaneswar, India consider their proud privilege to confer the distinguished title of Jyotish Vidya Sarvabhouma to Mrs. Pemmaraju Bharati in recognition of her extraordinary services to the cause of research and development of astrology in the august occasion of the conference on 16 May 2011 at Jaydev Bhaven, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. The Award was given by Ex-Judge of Odisha, India.