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Deccan Chronicle May 18, 2001

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From Deccan Chronicle May 18, 2001, Hyderabad, India:

Knowledge Bank: Pemmaraju V.R.Rayudu took voluntary retirement and devoted himself full-time to Nadi Astrology. Vidwan of ancient Nadi Astrology: Pemmaraju V. R. Rayudu, former senior scientist and deputy director, Defence Research and Development Laboratory, is now dedicating all his time to what has been his passionate interest of over three decades – astrology. Two books, many articles and the Santhanam Award 2001 later, he is still the explorer looking for clues which will help him decipher the relationship between the cosmic powers and human life pattern. Rayudu, born in 1938, took voluntary retirement to devote himself full-time to developing mathematical models in astrology. And his research area is ancient Hindu Nadi Astrology which is the study of nadi amsha- the 150th part of the rashi, amounting to 48 seconds in time, if two hours duration is taken for rashi.