Varga Analysis Software 2.1

Advanced Varga Analysis Includes D-150 Nadi Charts!

Advanced Varga analysis software  Version 2.1 takes the principles described in Mr Pemmaraju VR Rayudu’s book “How to Read a Horoscope” and extends them to 20 varga charts including the D-150 or Nadi amsa chart.  The Nadi chart calculation is based on this article and has been computerized for the first time.

The software distinguishes mathematically each planet in every varga chart as benefic or malefic towards the horoscope in study. According to Mr Rayudu’s experience, not every astrology principle applies to the varga charts. Some rules (such as lordships and aspects) have been NOT been applied to the Varga charts. The software provides a level of detail to varga chart analysis that is not available in any astrology software package to-date, and can be an invaluable tool for researching deeper into varga charts .

 Note that many of the higher-order varga charts are very sensitive to time of birth. For example. the unequal nadi amsas can cause a lagna change for time of birth variations of just a few seconds. Therefore, it is mandatory to carry out birth time correction by  validating the results of the software analysis against actual events in a native’s life. One secret technique called the Tattwa/Antar Tattwa siddhanta (see this article for more details) is can be very valuable for time of birth corrections. Using this technique, readers can apply the birth time correction up to a granularity of 12 seconds. For now, this calculation must be made manually, but a future version of the software will include this calculation automatically.

For this current version, the software continues to apply the benefic or malefic percentage values from the Rasi Chart only and gives predictions–both broad life readings as well as yearly prediction–based on planetary rules and principles decribed in the book. A future version will combine the benefic and malefic tendencies from each relevant varga chart before giving predictions for various aspects.

The aspects covered in the predictions are body, health, temperament, personality, wealth, courage, education, houses, landed property, conveyances, happiness, children.diseases, enemies, debts, marriage, marital relationship, longevity, prosperity, profession, gains, income, losses and expenditure. The results attributable to your social, economical, circumstantial and environmental factors are only to be taken.

Please read this new article on interpretation of varga charts and nadi chart to understand how to apply the results calculated by this software:


Sample Analysis and Results Report

You can download and view the results of the the analysis and predictions for the Author’s chart generated by the software. This is text file that can be viewed by Notepad, Wordpad, or any other text viewing tool.  Download the report now: Rayudu Varga Analysis Results.


Instructions on Using the Software

Please note that this software automatically calculates planetary positions based on the Swiss Ephermis using the Lahiri Ayanamsa.

Here are the steps to download and use Varga Analysis software:

Step 1: Download and unzip this file  Varga Analysis Software 2.1 into any folder such as C:\Astro

Step 2: Edit the following file (BIODATA.DAT) to input the information for the person and chart you want to analyze:


This file contains your name and birth information.  The file has the information in the following sequence:

  • Name
  • Sex
  • City of Birth
  • State of Birth
  • Country of Birth,
  • Longitude of birth place (E or W)
  • Latitude of Birth place (N or S)
  • Date of birth in year month day format, (YYYYMMDD)
  • Time of Birth in 24 hr format (HH:MM:SS)
  • Time Zone in 24 hr format (HH:MM:SS) (E or W)
A few notes:
  • You can obtain the latitude or longitude of any place in the world here: For example,  for New York, the site shows the following information 40n4374w0. You should therefore enter 40:43:00 N for Latitude of birth place and 74:00:00 W for the longitude of birth place.
  • You can get the time zone of any place in the world here: Look for the UTC/GMT offset information. If the time shows substraction use “W” or if it shows addition use “E”.  For example, for New York, it shows UTC/GMT – 5 hours, so you should use 05:00:00 W in the file entry.
  • The time of birth is the clock time recorded at the place of birth
Author’s Biodat.dat file

Here is the Author’s BIODATA.DAT file for reference. You can replace this information with your own. (Note: there should be no spaces in the text on each line except when specifying the latitude, longitude, and time zone directions such as N, S, E or W)

083:26:00 E
018:07:00 N
05:30:00 E


Step 3Open a DOS command Window. If you are using Windows 7, click Start and type ‘cmd’ in the text box ‘search programs and file’.

Step 4:   Type the following command to change directory to the location where you unzipped the files. (example directory Astro)

cd c:\Astro

Step 5: Run the software by typing the following command to save the results to output.txt. You can use any file name as output file.

vargaanalysis  > output.txt

The results are stored in output.txt. You can now type notepad output.txt to view the results.