16 Rare Secrets of Varga Charts

Published in the E-Magazine of Saptarishi Astrology, Mumbai, India in July 2012

[First we must know the greatness of Mr Rayudu, his work on timing marriage to the year is supposed to be one of the finest ever (published in SA), then one must know the greatness of his Guru Late D V Subbarao, then only one would realize the greatness of this article. The out of print and just not available books of Late D V Subbarao has been the prized possession of many Telegu reading astrologers all over India, some of whom have extolled the below secrets of Varga charts as their own in the last few decades and heralded themselves as the Kings of Researches in Varga Charts without giving a single line of credit/hint to the Late D V Subbarao or Late Seshadiri Iyer. We here at SA bow to Mr Rayudu, who has finally conceded to our request of 4 years for a series of articles on his Gurus work. As someone rightly said ‘Knowledge when hidden becomes like stagnant water and turns poison, when released free with due credit only then it becomes moksha karaka.’ – SA Publisher]
I give below the free translation of the Rules for interpretation of Varga (Divisional) charts from the Telugu (South Indian Language) book published in April 1970 by my Guru Shri Late D.V.Subbarao.

1. Mars being in 6th bhava would be aspecting the ascendant and hence his 6th position is always good. Mercury in 8th bhava is always beneficial.

2. In any varga chart planets in kendras (1, 4, 7, 10 bhavas) and konas (1,5,9 bhavas) are beneficial. That means they give good results to the life aspect represented by that varga. If they are in 3rd, 6th, 8th, 12th bhavas they give malefic results.

3. Even if planets are in bad positions in bhava chart, if they are in good positions in varga chart from the ascendant they give benefic results to that varga. Even if the planets are strong in bhava chart, if they are placed in bad positions in varga chart they would not give benefic results and they will give bad results to the life aspect of that particular varga chart. The planets who are benefic both in bhava chart and varga charts would give very good results. Even if planets are strong and placed in bad places, if they are in good places in varga charts they give mostly good results only. Even if planets are strong and placed in good positions in bhava chart, if they are in bad places in varga charts they will give bad effects only to the life aspects represented by those varga charts. If planets are asthangatha (nearest to sun) or grahayuddh parajita ( defeated in war) in bhava chart, even if they are in good places in vargas they will not give good results and such planets if they are in bad places in vargas they will give much more bad results.

4. In any varga chart the planet which is neechabhanga (debilitation cancelled) and placed in good position will give good effects.

5. Vargottam (same position in rashi & navamsha), Uccha ( exaltation), own house, Digbala (strength) will apply in all varga charts. Exaltation in 3, 6, 8, 12 will not be useful.

6. Mahayogas in varga charts will give good results. Aspect of natural malefic planets is bad. Aspect of natural benefic planets is good. Even if planets are in bad places if aspected by strong Jupiter it will be good and in this aspect of neecha (debilitated) Jupiter will not be useful.

7. The placement of lordship of bhavas in varga charts is not to be considered. The placement of bhava lords in bhava chart only is to be taken. In varga charts, the placement of lord of lagna (ascendant) in that varga chart is important.

8. In varga charts, even if debilitated planets are in good places, if they are not neechabhanga (debilitated cancelled) they will not give good results.

9. It will be good if in every varga chart if lagna (ascendant) is vargottam (same sign in rashi & navamsha) and if its lord is in benefic position. If not so but in malefic positions, then the resultant good effects will be felt in dreams only. If lagna and lagna lord are vargottam then it will
be very good. The position of lagna lord in good places is important.

10. In varga chart, if a planet is placed in a strong rashi in 6th house, it will give benefic results in the beginning and malefic results later on.

11. In all varga charts, it will be good if more planets aspect lagna. In all Vargas, It will be good if lagna has got subha-argala (good planets on both sides) and it will be bad if lagna has got papa-argala (bad planets on both sides). Malefic planets should not join with the subha-argala planets. If benefic planets join papa-argala planets, even if bad results are in the beginning, good results will come later on. For planets also subha-argala is good and papa-argala is bad.

12. It will be bad if Uccha (exaltation) planets are associated with neecha (debilitation) planets and if planets are associated with enemy planets.

13. If varga lagna has got good and bad planets argala, good results will come in the dasa (period) of good planet and bad planet dasa will be bad.

14. In varga charts parivartana yogas (exchange of houses of planets & results) are to be considered.

15. If in varga chart the lagna lord is in bad places in that varga chart then that planet dasa will give bad results.

16. There are karakatwas (significations) for different vargas. If those karaka planets are in karaka bhavas of those vargas they will give bad results. For example: In Siddhamsha if Mercury is in 4th, in Saptamsha if Jupiter is in lagna1, if in navamsha Venus is in 7th, in Dwadasamsha if Sun or Moon are in 12th, if in Drekkana Mars or Jupiter in 3rd or 11th respectively then they will give bad results respectively to education, children, wife/husband, father, mother, younger or elder coborns. The planets in 3rdand 8th are marakas (death inflicting) for karakatwas of those vargas.