Twelfth Bhava of Two Krishnamurthys

The following article was published in “The Times of Astrology” magazine, New Delhi, Feb 2002.

The late Sri Jiddu Krishnamurthy (popularly known as JK) and the present Sri U.G.Krishnamurthy (popularly known as UG) are considered as enlightened thinkers, creative minds and world teachers of the present times in psychological, philosophical and spiritual fields.

The discussion is mainly restricted to ” Divine Knowledge and Moksha (final emancipation) ” represented by the twelfth bhava.


Date of birth 12 may 1895, Time of birth 00:30:00 IST, Place of birth Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh, India Longitude 78:34:00 East, Latitude 13:37:00 North, Lahiri’s Ayanamsa

Ascendant ( Lagna) Capricorn 23 deg 55 min; Aries -Sun 28 deg 48 min; Taurus- Mercury 07deg 22min; Gemini- Venus 06 deg 32 min, Jupiter 12deg 56min, Mars 19 deg 20 min; Leo- Ketu 26 deg 29 min; Libra Saturn Retrograde 10 deg 12 min; Sagittarius- Moon 02 deg 42 min; Aquarius- Rahu 26 deg 29 min;
The 10th cusp is in Scorpio 2 deg 13 min and the 12th cusp is in Sagittarius 26 deg 7 min.
Balance of Dasa at birth: Ketu 5 years 7 months 6 days.

Jupiter, the preceptor of Devas and Gnanakaraka, is the 12th bhava lord aspecting the 12th bhava. The 12th bhava is also aspected by the 10th lord Karmadhipathi Mars (10th cusp being in Scorpio) in association with Jupiter directing the necessary energy into his spiritual pursuits. The 12th bhava is beyond the purview of Moon, Venus and Saturn as per the Bhava allocation.

In Navamsa, Mars is in the sign of Gnanakaraka Jupiter, associated with intellectual Mercury and aspected by philosophical Saturn, Jupiter is in the sign of and association with philosophical Saturn.

The foundation of the horoscope is quite strong since lord of the ascendant Saturn is exalted (his exaltation only conflicting his personality) and in the 9th bhava Atmakaraka Sun is also exalted, Saturn and Sun are well placed in Navamsa also.
These combinations are very likely to be the same for others also born nearly at the same time and will not really give the clue about the acquisition of Divine Knowledge culminating in Moksha. Hence it is required to dwelve deep into the analysis of the 12th bhava for confirmation of these aspects.

The 12th cusp falls into the sign of Jupiter and star Poorvashada of Venus , another preceptor (though preceptor of Demons, what if , preceptor only) and Yogakaraka for this horoscope.

If the Poorvashada of Venus comprising of 13 degrees 20 minutes in the sign of Sagittarius is again subdivided as per the Vimsottari Dasa cycle starting from the sub of Venus, we get first sub lord of Venus in the star of Venus ruling for 2 deg 13 min 20 secs in Sagittarius from 253 deg 20 min to 255 deg 33 min 20 secs (sub in Venus star is 13 deg 20 min multiplied by 20 divided by 120). The second sub lord Sun in the star of Venus rules for 40 minutes (13 deg 20 min multiplied by 6 and divided by 120) from 255 deg 33 min 20 sec to 256 deg 13 min 20 sec and so on till the last sub lord Ketu in the Venus star rules for 46 min 40 sec (13 deg 20 min multiplied by 7 and divided by 120) from 265 deg 53 min 20 sec to 266 deg 40 min. Thus the 12th cusp being 266 deg 7 min falls under the sway of sub lord Ketu, the Mokshakaraka or Kaivalyakaraka, responsible for final emancipation.

This is reinforced by the placement of Ketu (146 deg 29 min) in the star of Venus and sub of Ketu similar to the situation of the 12th bhava in the star of Venus and sub of Ketu. In addition, Ketu is in the sign of Sun, Atmakaraka and responsible for psychic development. Mercury responsible for psychological development and Rahu responsible for psychology, metaphysical aspects are in the sub of Ketu. Moon responsible for mind and psycho-physiological consciousness is again in the star of Ketu. Also Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are in the star of Rahu, a complement of Ketu

Thus, the planet Ketu, the Mokshakaraka is not only the sub lord of the 12th bhava but also is in his own sub and also influencing all other planets. Again , both the preceptors, Jupiter and Venus, are in the sign and star of the 12th bhava.

Hence all the energies of the native will be directed towards attainment of Divine Knowledge and teaching his experience to others and finally culminating to Moksha (enlightenment) .It is likely that the native might have got his enlightenment in the Dasa of Sun being exalted.


Date of birth 9 July 1918, Time of Birth 06:10:32 hrs, Place of birth Masulipatnam Longitude 81:07 East Latitude 16:11 North, Lahiri Ayanamsa

Ascendant (Lagna) Gemini 29 deg 25 min; Gemini-Jupiter 6 deg 27 min, Sun 23 deg 24 min; Cancer- Saturn 21 deg 11 min, Mercury 6 deg 47 min, Moon 1 deg 46 min; Virgo-Mars 14 deg 53 min; Scorpio- Rahu 28 deg 24 min; Taurus- Venus 18 deg 45 min, Ketu 28 deg 24 min

The 10th cusp is in Pisces 26 deg 7 min and the 12th cusp is in Taurus 28 deg 19 min

Balance of Dasa at birth is Jupiter 1-year 10 months 17 days

(Note: The date of birth, time of birth and horoscope are wrongly given in the magazine)

Venus, the preceptor of Demons is the 12th lord deposited in the 12th bhava itself along with the 10th bhava lord Jupiter (as per Bhava allocation), the preceptor Devas and Ketu the Mokshakaraka and ofcourse Rahu responsible for psychology, metaphysics aspecting the 12th bhava.

In Navamsa, Venus is in the sign of intellectual Mercury, Jupiter is in the sign of Mars and Sun and Ketu is again in the sign of and association with lord of the ascendant Mercury.

The foundation of this horoscope is also very strong since the ascendant is Vargottama (same ascendant in Rashi and Navamsa charts), lord of ascendant Mercury, Atmakaraka Sun and Manahkaraka Moon are in lagna bhava (1st bhava), in Navamsa also Mercury, Sun and Moon are well placed.

This situation, even through the normal standard has got strong potentialities to give success in acquiring Divine Knowledge and Moksha.

But again it is required to be confirmed by further studying the 12th bhava with respect to its sub allocation.

The 12th bhava is situated in the sign of Venus, in the star of Mars and sub of philosophical Saturn. The Mokshakaraka Ketu is again strongly situated I the combination of sign of Venus, star of Mars and sub of Saturn. The Atmakaraka Sun, the metaphysical Rahu are also in the sub of Saturn. The lord of ascendant, intellectual Mercury is in the star of Saturn and Moon, the Manahkaraka is in the sub of Rahu, the complement of Ketu.

Thus the sub lord of the 12th bhava Saturn being himself a philosophical planet is directly connected to Ketu, the Kaivalyakaraka, being in the sub of Saturn and the other planets are also involve d with the 12th bhava, including the two main preceptors Jupiter and Venus.

It is likely that the native might have got his enlightenment in the Dasa of Venus being in his own sign and 12th bhava.