This is a short talk given by Pemmaraju VR Rayudu on the occasion of the 12th Annual meet of Andhra University Engineering college first batch (1955-59) on 26th Jan 2013 in Hyderabad


The birth chart is prepared showing the placements of planets in the different rashis depending on the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. The planets would give results of the events during their running Dasas as per Dasa system. The timings of these several events both pleasant and unpleasant also depend on the daily, monthly and annual movements or transits of the several planets over the natal planets in the rashis of the birth chart. This is called “Gochara” which might have been derived from “ Graha Chara’ meaning “Planetary Movements”.


Saturn takes approximately 2 ½ years to move from one rashi to another rashi. Jupiter takes 1 year, Rahu and Ketu 1 ½ years, Sun Mercury Venus 1 month , Mars 1 ½ month and Moon2 ½ days.


Briefly, some on the Gochara planets movements over the planets in the birth chart are discussed and the major planets Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu & Ketu movements are important as they are of long duration. Each planet has got certain significations such as Sun represents father, government etc, Moon mother movements mind etc, Mars brother enemy etc, Mercury maternal uncle, education lands etc, Jupiter respect teacher etc, Venus wife finance etc, Rahu Mohamedans, paternal grand- father, hallucinations etc, Ketu Christianity, salvation ( moksha) etc, and Saturn Professioin and Karma ( duty). These signification events are triggered whenever Gochara planet move over the natal planets in the birth chart. Generally Saturn Mars Sun Moon are enemies to each other and Jupiter Venus Mercury are friends. Accordingly either enemical/ unfovourable or friendly / favourable results will be experienced during the transits.


Whenever Saturn during Gochara transits over the natal rashi where Sun is located in the native’s birth chart, indicates uneasiness to the native’s father, hazards in professional field, disputes etc .Similar results can be expected when Sun during Gochara transits for one month over the natal rashi where Saturn is located in a native’s birth chart. Mars also give problems in professional fields and during Ketu transits the native may also seriously think of quitting his job. In Rahu’s transit over Saturn the native experiences uneasiness in performing duties.


There will be a change of place in professional field for the native when Moon transits over Saturn in a native’s birth chart. The native will have to face slight blame. There will be unnecessary expenditure of money. Mentally also there will be no peace to the native.


When Jupiter transits over Saturn in a native’s birth chart, the native will get promotion in the job. He will attain prestige in profession. But when Mars is located in the seventh zodiacal rashi from Saturn in the birth chart, during Jupiter’s transit over Saturn there will be obstruction from the enemies in his profession resulting in not getting it.


During the time when Mercury transits over Saturn in a native’s birth chart the native will experience beneficial effects in commercial transactions. There will be gain of lands to a slight extent and cooperation of friends.


Venus transits over Saturn in a native’s birth chart  then there will be financial gain to the native, celebration at home and improvement in the native’s debt position and financial accommodation from helpful friends.


When Saturn transits over the rashi behind Moon in the birth chart, over Moon rashi, and over next rashi from Moon, it is called the Sade Sathi Saturn or Elinati Sani, that is almost 7 ½ years total period with about 2 ½ years in each rashi. When Saturn transits over the 8th rashi counted from Moon rashi in birth chart, is is called Ashtama Sani and when Saturn transits in 4th rashi from Moon it is called Artha- Ashtama Sani. All these Saturn transits are generally malefic and bad giving mental depressions, disturbances, separations, ill-health, accidents etc.


When Jupiter transits over combination of Saturn plus Moon in the natal chart, the native will first get promotion followed by transfer and if Jupiter moves over first Moon and then Saturn in Moon plus Saturn combination in the natal birth chart , the native gets transfer first and then promotion.


Jupiter being the Guru of Devatas is a benefic planet and when Jupiter simultaneously transits over any bad transits, the ill-effects are likely to be reduced.


Saturn decides the fate and duties of the individuals born in this world and to what extent other planets cooperate with planet Saturn the different planetary combinations involving this planet in a native’s birth chart decide this.


Therefore it is important that transit effects of planets should be predicted after knowing the basic nature (Karakatwas or Significations) of the transiting planets.