Some Predictive Techniques

(Notes of Lecture given at Indian Council of Astrological Studies, Hyderabad India)

Rectification of birth time

First of all, rectify the given birth time of male / female as per Tatwa/ Antar Tatwa Siddhanta to match for male/ female birth with respect to birth day, lagna, Moon star lord, Sunrise. (Refer my article in my website) This would give rectification upto 24 seconds.

Birth chart

Prepare the birth chart for this rectified birth time, placing the lagna and planets in respective rasis with their degrees in order.

Angry Planets

Find the Angry planets responsible for bad karma in the past life causing sufferings in the present life. Angry planets are: natural benefic planets in 6th, 8th and 12th houses and natural malefic planets in 1st 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th and 10th houses (2nd, 3rd 11th houses are neutral) from Chathra, Arudha, Moon and Birth lagnas for wrath from Gods, Brahmins, Enemies and Public respectively. If the indicator planet is in Moon sign, the sins committed are deliberately committed and if in the house of Sun the sins are ignorantly or accidentally got.

Arudha lagna- the point obtained by counting as many signs from the place of birth lagna lord is removed from birth lagna. Example: if lagna lord is in 4th, the Arudha is 7th from lagna, Exceptions: if lagna lord in lagna itself then Arudha lagna is 4th from lagna, if lagna lord is in 7th then Arudha is 10th from lagna.

Veedhi lagna- If Sun is in Taurus, Gemini, Cancer or Leo, Veedhi lagna is Aries. If Sun is in Scorpio, Capricorn, or Aquarius Veedhi lagna is Gemini. If Sun is in the other signs, the Veedhi lagna is Taurus.

Chathra lagna- Count the number of signs from Arudha lagna to birth lagna and then count this number from Veedhi lagna to get Chathra lagna.

Thought (5th house), Word (2nd house), Deed (10th house)

If a weak malefic is in 5th, the sins are outcome of mental actions, if in 2nd due to Words cruel and unwanted, if in 10th due to fruits of bodily actions. If malefics are in 5th, 2nd, and 10th, evil karma from all the three of thought, word, and deed. If malefics are in 2nd, 5th and benefics in 10th, work is done unwillingly complaining bitterly. If malefics are in 5th and the benefics in 2nd and 10th the duties are done carelessly and indifferently without proper attention and this may bring loss of children since 5th represents children and thought or attention. If malefics are in 2nd and benefics in 5th and 10th, the evil has issued out of words, which may bring loss of money since 2nd represents money.

Remedial measures

To the angry planets do concerned pujas, give concerned charities, pray concerned Gods etc to lessen the evil effects in the present life. Also take care not to do any further evils to Gods, Brahnins, Enemies and Public by thought, word and deed to avoid any further curse or wrath from them in the next life. Thus nullify all bad Karma in due course by completing the good Karmas also, one can attain Salvation without rebirth.

Karakatwas (Significations) of Planets

To analyze a bhava, the planets in the bhava, lord of the bhava and karaka planet for that bhava are seen. Karaka planet is the most important in one school of nadi astrology.

For example, out of electic bulb in the room, fuse box in the house and transformer in the area, the transformer is the most important to get the electric current into the house. Ofcourse if all thse are good, the results will be better.

Note down all the karakatwas of planets. For example, Saturn karmakaraka, Jupiter Jiva and Jnana karaka, Ketu Mokshakaraka, Venus kalatrakaraka, Mercury vidyakaraka, Mars bhatrukaraka, Sun Atma and Pitrukaraka, Moon matru and manah karaka etc.

Combination of planets

Planets in the same direction of rasis or in trines are supposed to be together. Directions Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – East; Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn-South; Gemini, Libra, Aquarius- West; Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces- North

Note down the combination in order as per degrees for analysis. For example, Sun+Moon indicate father (Sun) travels (Moon). Moon + Mars indicate mother (Moon) courageous (Mars). For female Mars+ Ketu+Venus indicate disturbances ( Ketu) between husband (Mars) and Jeeva self ( Venus for females). Jupiter+ Saturn indicates respect (Jupiter) in work (Saturn) Dharma Karma Yoga. Life (Jupiter) Vayu Air (Saturn) gives rheumatic, asthma, likes to eat relishingly, should not eat more oily foods because fatty, gastric in stomach, thighs problem, etc. Venus+Rahu indicate some difficulties in domestic life, illhealth or death to wife, Rahu being retrograde swallows Venus wife. Venus+ Moon gives wealth (Venus) and expenditure (Moon). Saturn+Sun+ Moon indicate work (Saturn), government (Sun) travels (Moon) highly influenced person connected with government and nature of work involves travels.

Planets in the opposite houses and in the adjacent houses also influence.

Saturn decides the fate and duties and to what extent other planets cooperate with Saturn the different planetary combinations involving Saturn in birth chart decides this.

Retrograde planets

They are also considered as being in the sign behind them. Retro, retro-direct to the original degree wherefrom it became retro and then Direct are to be considered.

Stationary (still) or Sthambana planets

Planets also remain stationary for sometime after being in motion for sometime, till their mission gets fulfilled and after their aim is achieved then proceed further.

Parivartana (exchange) of planets

Planets in one another’s house are in parivartana and they are also considered as being in their own houses.

Some rules of judgement

When planets eventhough located in their own signs or friendly signs or exaltation signs cannot yield full benefic results when enemy planets are located either behind or next to them and they remain neutral being unable to do either good or bad.

When a benefic planet is hemmed in between two enemy planets, there will be impediments to the benefic effect of benefic planet.

When an enemy planet located in 2nd sign to the sign where a planet located is retrograde, the planet in the first sign gets affected and yields malefic results.

A planet cannot yield its results if there are no planets located in the 7th, 2nd, 12th and 5th signs therefrom. Even if it yields its effects will be most minimum. But this planet if it gets planetary interchange with some other planet can work wonders and can be most effective.

If the combust planet (when nearer to Sun) were to be in planetary interchange with some other planet though the planetary interchange has no significance the combust planet yields surprising results.

If the combust planet has in combination with friendly planets, the bad effects of planetary combustion will be pronounced.

Exaltation of a planet gets cancelled if retrograde. If such an exalted retro planet has to its 12th sign an enemy planet, it is as though in a position of fearsome exaltation. If there is an enemy planet in 2nd and 7th, the exaltation of that particular planet is incomplete.

If a particular planet has in its 12th sign enemy planet, it is to be presumed that both planets will yield minimum effects. But if the enemy planet in 12th sign is retrograde, the planet located next to it will yield good results.

If out of the two planets together, the planet, which has more longitude, is an enemy planet and is retro the planet which is less in longitude will yield most minimum effect.

If out he two planets in a planetary interchange, one of the planets is debilitated, the debilitation gets cancelled sue to the planetary exchange. Also if the debilitated planet has a friendly or benefic planet with it or in the 7th or 5th therefrom or aspect then the debilitation gets cancelled.

Transits of planets or Gochara

The natal birth chart is made use of to predict future events both pleasant and unpleasant in respect of education, profession, marriage, children, house, money, health, and many other aspects, which are foretold on this basis. But the timings of these several events both pleasant and unpleasant are dependant on the basis of daily, monthly and annual movement of the several planets, It is these effects that are called the planetary transit effects.

During the planetary transit for the first time after the native’s birth, the transit effects will be ordinary. But when the same planet transit for the second time the effects will be maximum. During their transit for the third time in the native’s life the effects will be medium. This is because the native’s age will be tender during the first transit, youthful during second transit and will be attaining old age during the third transit in case of major planets like Jupiter and Saturn.

For example, suppose in a native’s birth chart, Mars is located at the 15th degree in Capricorn. Suppose during transit Saturn enters the same sign and it requires another 15 months approximately for Saturn to transit exact degree portion of Mars. So, we have to predict that the consultant native has to undergo lot of hardships in his professional field during these 15 months. Similarly Saturn transits sign where a benefic planet is located we have to predict beneficial results.

Take another example. Suppose in birth chart Moon is located at Aswini 2 star and suppose the planet Rahu transits this Aswini 2 star pada during transit, we have then to predict that native is suffering from mental delusions, fear complex and a sort of mental gloom during this period. It is only when the transiting Rahu moves away from the Aswini star that the native can experience favorable effects like mental fortitude, peace of mind and other auspicious results.

Like this if during transits suppose two mutually inimically disposed malefic planets together transit a particular sign and suppose benefic planets like Venus or Jupiter transit the 7th sign therefrom. In such circumstances, disastrous effects of the transit of such malefic planets will be checkmated.

Lordship Planets and Strengths of Bhavas

In traditional astrology, the location of the lord of a particular Brava in another Brava and the strengths of the bhavas also play a role in predictions. For example, if lord of the lagna (1st bhava) is placed in the 6th bhava, on may get into debts, diseases and enemies (6th bhava). If the 1st bhava is stronger than the 6th bhava in Shadbalas of bhavas, one may overcome debts, diseases and enemies due to self-effort. If the 6th lord is in the 11th bhava, one may gain (11th) through debts, diseases and enemies (6th). If 9th lord is in 2nd, one may get wealth (2nd) from father (9th). If the 12th bhava is stronger than 2nd and 11th bhavas, expenses (12th) may be more than wealth (2nd) and gains and income (11th).

Transits of planets also can be judged similarly. If the 1st lord transits over 10th bhava or 10th lord, one may get professional success by self-effort. Ofcourse transits of other planets also are to be seen simultaneously for favourable or unfavourable results.


Angry planets and Some predictive techniques are given to stimulate thinking process to proceed and do further research. Many birth charts with known events may be studied to consolidate one’s predictive techniques. However, certain imaginative and intuitive processes along with the place, time (Desha kala many ritya) and background of the person, are also required by praying the Navagrahas, Istha Devata and Meditation daily.