Review: “The Hindu”


With self help books being the order of the day, here are two more to the pile that crowd bookshop shelves. The additions this time round are P.V.R.Rayudu’s How to Read A Horoscope and Rajesh Talwar’s How to Choose Your Lawyer When You Need One. Despite his job as deputy director of the Defense Research and Development Laboratory, Rayudu has devoted his free time to studying, researching and practicing Hindu astrology for the past three decades. And now he has come out with a book that aims at supplementing the existing literature on predictive astrology. He has also added his own scientific model of prediction based on benefic and malefic analysis of planets and bhavas as per Hindu astrology.

Rayudu’s book is for specialists in astrology.

How to Read a Horoscope, Pemmaraju V. R. Rayudu, Motilal Banarasidass Publishers, Rs. 250/-