Astrology And Human Life

The following article was published in “The Times of Astrology” magazine, July 1999, New Delhi, India.

The Universe contains an infinite number of solar systems, many very much greater than our own.  As we realize this, our vision will widen, our minds expand, and our hearts become filled with wonder and reverence for that Great Supreme and Unknowable power that is the primary cause of all the glory that fills space.  But no amount of speculation concerning other solar system can reveal the true state of things in the broad expanse of the heavens.  It therefore becomes more profitable to us at our present stage to confine  our attention to the Solar system of which we form a par, leaving the fixed stars with their immense distances and magnitude out of our consideration.  If we expand our imagination and think of our Sun as being in the center of an enormous circle, extending millions of miles into space and embracing the whole system we might begin to realize what the conference of a solar systems means.  The whole solar system was a vast heated nebulous mass which cooling down threw of huge portion which finally become planets or worlds, forming a complete planetary System revolving round the sun.

Astrology gives knowledge of the celestial bodies, their magnitudes, motions, distances, periods sizes, weight, order etc.

Astrology is a unique method of interpretation of the correlation of planetary influence.  This impresses that there is a constantly moving relationship between the very large moving objects of the universe such as the sun, moon, and planets and the small moving objects, such as human beings and animals.

The question of the scientific origin of astrological knowledge has been the subject of controversy.  Modern scientists have not hesitated to brand Astrology as superstition, and even its kindest critics refer to it as a pseudo science.  The definition of “Science” will be found to be similar to the following:

A knowledge of facts, laws and proximate causes, gained and verified by exact observation and correct thinking, also, the Sun of Universal knowledge an exact and systematic statement or classification knowledge concerning some subject or group of subject or any department of knowledge in which the results of investigation have been systematized.

If this were a correct definition of Science then indeed is Astrology the greatest of all sciences, its percepts and formula were accumulated and established over a period of thousands of years of observations by men. Astrology is the oldest of all sciences.  It is the real Science of the Stars.  It is a science of all sciences, the key to all knowledge.  It includes in its various ramifications such modern sciences as Astrology Medicine, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology and many others.

The first principle upon which the Science of Astrology rests is that the whole universe is actually what the term implies a unity and that a law which if found in manifestation in one portion of the universe must also be equally operative throughout the whole.  The consequent to this major premise is that our own solar system being itself a complete whole, those laws which are operative among the major constituents of that system, viz., the planetary bodies, are also in force among the lesser components of the same system to with ourselves and the other objects on this earth, whether solid, fluid or gaseous whether human animal, vegetable or mineral.

The second principle is that by a study of the motions and relative positions of the planets the operations of these laws may be observed measured and determined. From these two first principles, aided by present day observation and a mind capable of metaphysical grasp of the metaphysical significance of phenomena, the whole science of Astrology can be deduced.  It is a mistake far too prevalent even among thoughtful and unprejudiced people to suppose that the present interest in Astrology is merely the decadent revival of an ancient superstition, based entirely on accepted tradition.

Nevertheless since truth is the same in all times, the learning of the ancients is of the greatest value to the modern student modern student. Indeed, the astrologers who had to depend entirely on the two first principles given above would certainly have a Herculean task before him of observation, tabulation and intelligently applies its principles.

The claims of astrology are, that it offers first and foremost a means of general character study entirely surpassing the combined advantages of ordinary astrological methods, being at once more comprehensive and more subtle.  Secondly and this is preeminently its greatest, its divine use, a means for the unbiased examinations of ones own character and the most effective means of strengthening it.  Thirdly a knowledge of times and seasons appropriate for certain works, and a means of testing ones development of character.  Lastly means of forecasting future events.

It is true that  Astrological Science in all its implications extends into deep and far-reaching metaphysical and philosophical domains, but after all what science does not? The mathematical concepts of great scientists like Einstein have already crossed the border from the domains of fixed form, and materialistic limitation into so called fourth dimensional territories.  Why should scientists therefore scoff at the implications contained Astrology?

Astrology while embracing all other sciences was divided by the ancient scientists into main sections.

  • That which dealt with the observations and recording of the relative positions and motions of the celestial bodies in time.
  • That which dealt with the observation and recording the correspondence between these positions and
    • Natural phenomena occurring on the earth, such as weather, trees, earth quakes floods, volcanic eruptions, growth and evolution of plant and animal life.
    • Human psychological phenomena such as love, hate, envy, jealousy, the sex urge, avarice and the physical actions resulting from these emotional states such as mating murder, robbery plunder rape combats and wars.

Of these two divisions of Astrological scientific research that which dealt with the mere observance of the relative motions of the celestial bodies astronomy was considered as incidental.  It was a step the first step toward the acquisition of the real knowledge the only which really mattered the knowledge of man, h is origin and his destiny.  The first division/Astrology is recognized today as a science, because modern scientists with aid of modern mechanical devices continued and extended the observations of the ancient start scientists.  The second division is not so recognized simply because on account of rank prejudice and skepticism it has been ignored almost completely by present day scientists who have made no attempt whatever to study it and rationalize it and yet there is no logical reason for this. Certainly there are a few well known facts occurring in nature and falling within the scope of the second division of astrological knowledge, which would conform the other finds of the ancient scientists.  Of these natural facts there are three which are outstanding.

  • There does exist a correspondence because the phases of the moon and the tides (natural phenomena)
  • There does exist a correspondence between the phases of the moon and the menstrual periods of the female (human physical phenomena)
  • There does exist a correspondence between the periods of the full moon and new moon and the intensity of emotional disturbance among the insane (human psychological phenomena)

One of these facts happens to fall within the scope of each of the three subdivisions of the second division astrology indicated above.  If these correspondences are true of the Moon, is it not rather presumptions to discord the rules set down the ancient astrologers concerning the correspondence, which after many years of observation, they found to exist between the relative position of the other planets and stars and the thoughts and actions of normal men and women? After all these observations and records were made by same astrologers who first catalogued all the fixed stars, who tabulated the distances and relative motions of the planets their orbits and their periods of revolution and who calculated with astonishing precision, the cycle of the equinoxes.  Surely these men were intellectual giants, and their deductions at present merit investigation.

Astrology as a matter o fact is the knowledge derived from the observation and study of the celestial bodies of which our earth is one in order to determine all possible relationships or correspondence which may exist between them and this earth on which we have our being.  Such observations surely should not conjoin itself to mere mathematical measurements, calculations of time, space, volume mass but should concern itself also with all other relationships, which might concernably exist.  To simply dismiss as impossible any suggestion of correspondence between these time space measurements and the vents, which occur on this earth or elsewhere, is to willfully close the path to an interesting and existing scientific adventure.

Though the earnest knowledge of astrology dates back to mists of antiquity it lives and grows and needs constant representation in the light of current research.  As a certain treatments have been believed to be most effective in the field of medical science and later further experience changes these ideas and difference of opinion are the acknowledged, development of this science requires or rather demands a full scale research.  One of the greatest handicaps of modern astrology is that work has been done mainly by isolated researches, thus affording little opportunity for building this work into a solid body of opinion.  Secondly many astrologers in an attempt to carve a clear line through points of controversy indulge on over simplification.  Thirdly the writers of newspaper astrology do not hesitate to bestow upon their remarks the technical name of astrology as such the depths of over supplication are now reached since the average educated person has never read a good book on astrology but has formed his opinion from its travesty thus found in print the science has been further discredited.

The entire basis of astrology rests on the premise that the pattern of a person correlation with the planetary pattern of his birth moment along with the rising ascendant The pattern will at times exterior as events the accuracy of these which can be checked in earlier life gives the astrologer the belief that tendencies deduced from calculation of future dates may be expected to evaluate as certain types of happenings in later life.

Whatever is born or done at a moment of time has the qualities of that moment of time.  In as much as a man identifies himself with the physical self and the physical world about him so he is in dissoluble part of it and subject to the changing pattern as formed by the planets in their orbits only by the recognition of that which he senses as greater than himself to what is beyond the terrestrial pattern.  Constant motion of planets and the tremendous impact of their rays on the sensory nerves of the human body is responsible for multi fold changes in human behavior mental make up thought conduct health and everything that matters.

The planets do influence man when the earth is called into its present shape by the solar influences where is the logic of suggesting that they do not affect bodies on its surface? A trifling change in weather through solar cause brings neuralgia headache, bronchitis, sore eyes, fever, small pox, cholera, dysentery, plague and a host of other diseases too numerous to detail War mania is a striking illustration of planetary influences. our temper and moods depend upon the secretions of ductless glands. Fear is a matter of endocrine secretions indecision is a matter of thymus, genius is a matter of thyroid sun’s, cycles of behavior have their corresponding affects on those glands and their secretions and consequently on human  behavior.

Feeling has a larger range than any of other faculty. Not only can objective things be senses by touch, but we can also feel invisible elements such as h eat, cold and planetary vibrations.  As the planetary vibrations of varying character are continuously exerting an influence, which is taken up by are sensory nerves with the resulting bodily reactions mental attitudes, and minds.  Therefore it is possible, solar, lunar stellar energies supply the cells through the media of the nerves their motivity. Different planetary vibrations astrological designated as yogas or aspects supply different sensory stimuli.  According as the vibrations differ in wave length intensity, frequency etc.  Radiation from stars and planets can affect the future destiny of an individual at conception and birth.  The great ancient Hindu astrologers propounded the importance of Adhanalagna or conception times much before the birth of the European civilization.

Since conception time is difficult to be noted, the Hindu Maharishis visualized, through their divine sight and intuition, that Moon sing at the actual birth time planetary configuration would be the Ascendant  or the conception time and moon would be in the sign of birth time Ascendant and hence it was postulated configurations at birth time should be judged from the moon sign considering it as ascendant in addition to the actual  birth time ascendant.

The planets are merely reflector transmitters of flight and solar energy. The solar and planetary rays radio like waves affect biological and psychological processes.  The rays of influence are unseen vibrations. Those are not perceptible to the physical eyes.

Human sight has its limitations.  Therefore the rays of influence can be cognized by other senses and means for instance the vibrations of Saturn are slow hence things of corresponding nature are attributed to him and events during Saturn periods do not occur lastly as compared to events during the other fast moving planets.

When the sun and moon are in conjunction they are both concentrating their forces on the same part of the globe at the same time and accounts for the abnormal conditions and does definitely affect a child born during conditions of this nature.  For, witness our own bodies, we have innumerable glands whose work is the secretion of harmonies.  These are forever adjusting themselves in harmony with our chemically changing environment without and are responsible for our emotions, desires, mental balance, rate of growth, and length of life on these planets.

It is but common sense to say that the planetary positions of the Sun and the Moon which affect the sea water causing tides are bound to affect all the store of fluids on the surface of the earth or contained in vegetable kingdom or in human beings.  The blood is not only a fluid but contains the same salts that are dissolved in the ocean and that too practically in the same proportion.

Hindu astrologers have given predictions for each day of the lunar month. For the eighth day removes the disease or cures the ailments.  On this day, the Sun and the Moon, being 90 apart, diminish each other’s attractions on the fluids.  The blood in the human beings remain thus comparatively undisturbed from the outside influences and effective if so properly chosen and that is why there is the importance of this day.

From a gravitational and tactical point of view, the forces and magnitude of attraction between the earth and planets is indeed tremendous.  This must be continually varying due to the planets continually varying distances from the Sun and Moon.  The influence of planets upon mankind is undoubted.  In a horoscope, the Sum the Moon and the Lagna or Ascendant represent the Soul, the Mind and the Body respectively of an individual.  The Sun may be visualized as the dispenser of the various cosmic matter and the Moon as the Mixer of this matter while the Ascendant may be taken as a Catalytic agent. The other planets are, of course, symbols for interpreting these cosmic influences.

Astrologically when the Sun, the Moon and planets enter different constellations, their respective radiations vary and produce corresponding changes in the weather.  Climate is regulated by the movements and influences of planets.  Consequently, the influences of climate are clearly perceptible. If there is any factor in the constitution of man and this temperaments which vitally influences him for work or for laziness, for strength or ability, for intelligence or for dullness, it is the climate. Those instances suggest that between the various atmospherical influences and the vital activity of human nerves, there seems to be a connection.

Measles, small pox etc. are associated with the planets Mars.  Whenever Mars makes his closest approach to the earth Martian epidemics should manifest. The menses of a woman sets in every month, when the Moon is in an Upachaya (3rd, 6th, 10th, 11th houses) from the Ascendant and that the menses are due to the interaction of Mars and the Moon.  According to Gochara or the Transit system, the Moon passing through the different signs from his own position in the birth chart is said to make the native’s psychological reactions differ on different days.  On one day one will be subject to serious facts of depression, on another day to strong sexual urges, on a third to creative thoughts and the next to fits of illness.  Some lunatics or neurotic people or sometimes even the normal rational people seem to have tides or irrationality rise and fall within them according to the waxing and waning of the Moon.  All diseases and more specially, skin diseases, insanity and epilepsy were believed to be subject to the influence of the Moon, the mental planet, Diseases get more virulent in their effects at the time of the New Moon. When the tidal forces are great at the time of the new Moon, they are enough to supply the spark to bring out conditions for an earthquake to happen or the gravitational pull of the planets combined with that of the Sun and the Moon tends to create conditions for the occurrence of an earthquake.  Moon has a definite effect on the periodicity of human births.

What we call Raja Yogas are certain special dispositions of planets affecting the combined radiation at the particular moment of birth in such a way that the native would become great, famous and outstanding.  For example, the Gaja Kesari Yoga formed by the conjunction or square of Jupiter and Moon in a birth chart gives a beautiful life to the native provided they are not afflicted or ill placed or weak in the horoscope with respect to the particular Ascendant.

It is a remarkable thing that the important events of life long always happen at astrologically important moments, that is to say, when the “DASAS AND BHUKTIS” (astrological time measure) as per Hindu Astrology of powerful or weak planets operate.  The dominant combinations in Hitler’s horoscope are the disposition of Saturn in the 10th House and Mars in the 7th House, each expecting the other powerfully and Jupiter the benefic is however consigned to a minor position.  Astrological textbooks say that Mars and Saturn combination (which includes aspects also) in certain houses, subject of course, to the general strength of otherwise of the horoscope, is said to make the subject extremely aggressive.  Mars in the house of death signifies a violent end.  And Venus is supposed to rule marriage and the sex element and his presence in the 10th house executes passion and the person will be highly sexed Mars in combination with Venus indicates more than one marriage want of happiness from marriage etc. The association of Venus with Saturn, Mars and Rahu (dragons head) is always indicative of either want of happiness in domestic life or sexuality making one seek illegal sex gratification .

Twins sometimes are alike and sometimes different, sometimes twins will have some common character and others different. Such variations as a rule are due to slight different in the time of birth.  The word twin implies two entities coming into manifestations under the same planetary pattern.  This must also be extended to include two children born approximately (if not exactly) further sometime regarded less of parentage or environmental conditions of birth in fact the important experience of two or three persons born on the same day but at different times and even in different countries are likely to a parallel significance though one is a doctor the other banker and the third our astrologer and at times the striking similarities may go to the extent that they look alike both play the piano have same name both are accomplished swimmers, and both  have chronic catarrhal condition of the throat both have exceptional eye sight the fathers of both are contractors grand fathers of both have accidents to their feet followed by infection and death the fathers mother die when the father is five years old both have two sisters and one brother and both are interested in the scientific study of astrology etc.

The ancient genius Hindu astrologers through their Divine insight dwelled deep into the Astronomical phenomena with respect to the minute concept of time land laid down astrological rules for different event s in the life of human beings and also other species.  They visualized the general events in human life for every 24 seconds of difference in birth time and particular events with respect of the particular configuration of planets and ascendants at the time of birth They have written down these events in advance on palm leaves in the so called “Nadi Astrology” in India, some of which are still prevalent in India. If the past events of native with respect to the parentage co-borns, partners, profession etc. can be judiciously searched and matched with those available on the palm leaves the, future events already written down on the palm laves for the for the particular native would mostly land astoundingly come out there.  Each sign or rasi is divided into 300 parts so that each part comes under the name of a nadiamsa measuring 12 minutes of are in the sign or 48 seconds in time. This minute division  sets the seed of destiny of an individual.  If the correct nadi is established then there is a birds eye view of entire past including the past life and future of the person concerned Each Nadi amsa is further divided into two parts each of 6 minutes of arc in the sign or 24 seconds in time and general pattern of life is given.  There is hundred of Nadi Granthas as they are called in South India and Samhitas as they are called in North India and majority of them is not genuine ones.  Nadis that are not based on astrological consideration but dole out predictions purporting to be astrological should be ignored by all well wishers of astrology.  It goes to the credit of Satyacharya, a genuine Hindu astrologer, for this great discovery of the nadi system.

Each nadi amsa has got its own peculiar characteristics but it can clearly indicate ones pattern of destiny.  In relation to planetary positions birth start etc it can given an idea of one’s parentage number of brothers sisters etc.  A nadi amsa in an ascendant within 6 minutes of arc connected with a birth star and certain other planetary situations can enable to predict future events with considerable accuracy.  No astrologer of the present time has come forward to explain what the basis of nadi astrology is and how it is patterned.

In a very general sense without knowing the actual ascendant and planetary configuration if one is born during 0 degree to 0 degrees12 minutes  in a movable sign ascendant (in Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) or 29 48 to 30 in a fixed sign ascendant (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) or 15 to 15 12 in dual sign ascendant (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) He will be born in a place near a river or sea in a rich family a worshipper of god fair good complexion slightly corpulent father famous well placed in life and has two wives, native eldest son of the second wife, brothers will be short lived, parents die early in life.  Helped by an uncle, get good education and pleasing manners, both grandfather and father highly fortunate property through lands, regards for god, three marriages first marriage 21st year passionate, befriends higher ups in government of mild nature and good qualities, protects a number of people becomes very rich, first wife dies after giving birth to a child enters government service in 21st year 2nd marriage in 36th year goes on pilgrimage, loss of service in 30th year 3rd marriage after 40th year all issues born to the 3rd wife die, two sons and one daughter will have long life generally fortunate from birth to death.

Sage Satyacharya father of nadi pattern of astrology cautions that no astrological predictions should be given without knowing and identifying the exact nadi amsa in the ascendant ,that is without finding the exact degree and minute of the ascendant for the birth time up to 6 minutes of arc generally corresponding and matching to the past events of the native and then only to proceed further to delineate the horoscope of future events with respect to the exact planetary configuration of the horoscope should be read for the future events without knowing the past events and the background of the native.  The future events should given as per the social, economical circumstantial environmental background of the native.

Under the present time s when the birth rate is so fast, for example one birth for almost every second in India and birth for almost every 3 seconds in the world.  It would be a Herculean task for any present day astrologer to judiciously predict any particular events and only general guidance can be given moon moves every 2 1/2 days through one sign and 12 positions would come for every month Ascendant changes every two hours in a day.  Sun ,Venus, Mercury transits through each sign for 1 month and Mars for 1-1/2 months Jupiter remains each sign for one year.  The nodes Rahu (dragon head) and Ketu (dragon’s tail) cover each sign for every 11/2 years and Saturn is the slow moving planet moving in each sign once in 2 ½  years. The other Uranus Neptune considered by western astrologers would be still slower I n their motion.

In a particular year, particular month ,particular day and with a particular ascendant there would be 300 patterns of horoscopes are to be dealt with the same planetary configurations into when the ascendant is divided into 300 nadi amsas i.e. when every 6 minutes of arc of the complete 30 of the particular day 3600 life patterns are to analyzed.  In a particular year considering the e movements of moon and sun and ascendant nadi amsas of 6 minutes of arc there would be 518400 different planetary and ascendant configurations are to be studied.  Hence it would be Herculean task to delineate life pattern of an individual precisely.

It was visualized by the ancient Hindu astrological sages that in a particular region under the same latitude and longitude in each nadi amsa., the order of births would be 1 Deva (godly) 1 Asura (demonly) 24 Humans,10 beasts ,11 birds ,12 reptiles, 15 water beings, 20 plants, 25 mineral totaling to 120 births.  That is in an particular region in general there would be 24 human births for every 48 seconds interval.  Assuming theoretically two males are born at the same time, day, month and year in India and America the two males when they attain youth cannot go ahead with their amorous activities with any girl in a similar fashion due to the social and environmental condition of the country.  The Indian youth will be restricted in his love affairs and the American would go ahead with his sex activities with his beloved girl.  Similarly the life pattern of a
particular region or country also would play a part while telling results of person in those areas it would be futile exercise for an astrologer to have predicted a very affluent life for a person in Japan just before the atomic bomb explosion during the second world war.  Also the predictions should not be the same for a person dwelling in a hut and a building though the two might have born nearly at the same time day month and year having same planetary configurations.  The hut dweller might posses a motor cycle at time when the other person in the building with a better rich background might buy a motor car.  However in both cases the life pattern and progress would be similar and the astrologer should tell the results judiciously and intelligently.

At this junction obviously the theories of ‘Karma’, reincarnation and fate come into play whatever the man soweth he reaps.,  The actions taken by in the past in this life or in the previous birth would come forward in giving the future results.  Fates also are of four types alterable good fate, alterable bad fate, unalterable good fact and unalterable bad fate.  The scope for altering the alterable bad fate would also be built in the planetary configuration for him if it is meant for him and he would be advised and guided by intelligent astrologer or any other person when the time comes in the case of unalterable bad fate nothing could be done and the fate takes its own course even if one takes necessary earlier precautionary measures.

In case of a motor cycle accident the person having an alterable bad fate would come out with a minor injury when advised in advance and taken necessary care in driving whereas the person of an unalterable bad fate would hardly listen to the advice and meet with a fatal injury .  Even the fate also occurs with respect to the first person or second person or third person.  In the motor cycle accident the person himself may hit something and meet with the accident for another person coming in another motor car may hit the person or neither of the two persons are involved and a third type of activity such as group clashes, earthquake etc. may affect the person in accident.

It should be borne in mind that events happen only when the right time comes depending on the back -ground. Here the three “S” analogies of seed, soil, and season can be understood profitably.  The seed pattern will be the same but when the correct soil and season come into operation only the seed will grow and bloom into a tree. Similarly the human seed would be the same depending on one’s genes and past life deeds and one’s life pattern will grow accordingly when required circumstances come into play at the required time.  Even the enlightened ‘Gurus’ cannot save the person from bad fate, the best they can do probably to take on them the bad fate of their disciples and suffer themselves saving their disciples but the ‘Karma’ is to be performed in any case by somebody.  It is told that when Jupiter is connected with the Ascendant, 5th house and 9th house, God’s Grace would be there and most of the evils would-be averted, but however, this type of planetary configuration also would come when one is born depending on his ‘Karma’.  Man has control over his action but his actions have no control over their results.

The ancient astrologers have attributed different significations to various planets and houses in a horoscope.  For example Venus is given signification of ‘Fine Arts’ and 12th house represents ‘Moksha’ being the last house from Ascendant.  While giving predictions, the ‘Sthula’ (apparent) ‘Sookshma’ (intricate)  and the ‘Kaarana’ (cause) aspects in the horoscope are to be seen. For example the ‘Kaarana’ planet for fine arts is Venus, the Lord of the 12th house would appear only as ’Sthula’ in giving results say dancing. If Venus were totally afflicted in the horoscope, though the other two of the 12th Lord and 12 house planets would not be able to give good results for achievement in dancing.  For example, even if the feet are artificially fitted the person can dance provided the ‘Kaarana’ planet Venus is strong and benefit without any affection.  The Analogy of Electric Transformer in housing Colony, the Electric meter in the house and the electric bulb in the room can be compared to the Kaarana, Sookshma and Sthula respectively.  If all the three are good, the light will come but if the electrical transformer has been spoiled the whole source is lost.

The day is past for writing a defense of Astrology and no amount of argument will ever convince the Skeptic who is either too indolent or too perverse to investigate a science, which claims to explain law that governs all things. The best test that can be applied to this as to all other subjects where first-hand knowledge is required, is that of experience.  Reason, thought and experience, constitute the basis upon which the system adopted to give Astrological predictions is to be built.

However many still consult astrology for genuine guidance or due to curiosity to know what is in store for them in future. Summing up, Astrology is not only a most fascinating intellectual study but is a remarkable tool for scrutinizing the Soul.  Body and Mind and the fringe of the future events.  Astrology cannot be called a science deals mostly with material objects.  Yet astrology is applied Science and therefore become an art also. The only thing is, one should not attempt to make astrology fatalistic and to use it as a means of evading the responsibilities of free will.

Most of the present astrologers have not got the ability and intuition to delve deep into the most intricacies of the planetary influences is-a’-vis their positioning in the birth chart and subsequent motions in the life cycle of persons and to rectify the birth time to the correct correspondence to match with the past life events with respect to the background of the native.  However, it is a fact established from time unmemorable that astrology is definitely a science and is the art in the hand’s of an honest, sincere, intelligent and intuitive astrologers to predict the future events converting the effects of the planets, houses, ascendant and the configuration at birth time with subsequent planetary motions through the emotional, physiological, social economical, circumstantial, egotistical, environmental, psychological, conditions.  Thus astrology will definitely guide the realms of human life.

May the DIVINE force protect and progress the study of the Astrology by blessing the honest, sincere, intelligent and intuitive Astrologers.

By “Daivagna Ratna” PemmarajuV.R. Rayudu B.E.,M.Tech