Matching Horoscopes

The following article was published in Today’s Astrologer; journal Feb 10, 1994 of American Federation of Astrologers, USA.

Despite the saying ; marriages are made in heaven,; many in India consult an astrologer before marriage to check the horoscope match between bride and groom. As a result, most marriages in India are generally a success.

In traditional Hindu astrology (Niryana system), only the sign and the star in which the Moon is placed in both horoscopes is considered. Many other aspects are not studied.

It has been found that the compatibility table given for 36 points from Moon sign and star in many texts and Pachangas(almanacs) for matching the horoscopes is not correct and does not consider the exceptions given to the standard rules, hence a new scientific model that allots compatibility points is evolved after successfully researching and testing its validity in many cases.

The factors considered on the basis of the Moon sign are Varna(spiritual or ego development),Vasya(magnetic control and amenability), Grahamaitri or Rasyadhipathi(psychological disposition, mental qualities, affection), and Rasikuta. The factors for the Moon star are Dinakuta or Tarabala, Yonikuta(sexual compatibility), Ganakuta(character and temperament), Nadikuta(pulse and nervous energy, physiological and hereditary factors), Rajju(married life duration and widowhood), Vedha(afflictions), Mahendra (well being, children, longevity) and Streedeergha. Also the Moon position is studied with respect to association and aspects by the natural malefic planets and its Ashtakavraga chart.

The other important factors considered in both the horoscopes are Kuja Dosha (Mars evil),the position of Mars from Venus, Moon, Lagna(Ascendant) for family and conjungal happiness; Dosha(evil)due to the other four malefic
planets to Saturn, Rahu(Dragon Head), Ketu(Dragon Tail) and Sun; Lagnas(Ascendants)with respect to their placement to each
other, association and aspects by natural malefic planets and sixth, eighth and twelfth house lords in Lagna; Lagna lords with respect to their placement to each other, friendly or enemic relationship, in sixth or eighth or twelfth houses and association or aspect by natural malefic planets; seventh houses(Marriage lords)with respect to points similar to Lagna lords; eighth house lords(longevity lords) with respect to placement to each other and relationship; factors relating to the other eight planets of Sun, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu, Venus with respect to their placement to each other and the relationship between the lords of the houses where they are posited; position of Lagna and Moon with respect to each other; position of Venus and Mars(significators for marriage and energy) with respect to each other; association and aspects of Venus with natural malefic

Suitable points are allotted for each factor scientifically and judiciously as per the situation in both the horoscopes considering exceptions to the normal rules. A total of 100 compatibility points are allotted to factors concerning the Moon, which is the prime planet for mental compatibility for real marital success.

While considering a horoscope pair for matching for marriage, the criteria taken for assessing the agreement and for accepting the match for marriage as per the compatibility points obtained out of a total of 100 points is :
– Less than 50 points, out of which points relating to the Moon are less than 25 points : Poor
– Less then 50 points, out of which points relating to the Moon are 25 or more than 25 points : Fair
– 50 or more points, out of which points relating tothe Moon are less than 25 points
– 50 or more points, out of which points relating to the Moon are more than 25 points : Very Good
– 75 points or more, out of which points relating to the Moon are 35 or more : Excellent

Despite the amount of analysis needed to derive the compatibility points as outlined above, many more astrological aspects and social, circumstantial conditions may have to be considered in totality. The method outlined above may be a first step in assessing a horoscope pair for marriage. Astrology has only to be taken as an advisory measure, bearing in mind the phrase ; forewarned is forearmed; and has, therefore to be consulted before the event and not after the event only in order to get a consultation only from the
astrologer who may suggest some Shanthis(remedial measures).If four or five horoscopes of a bride and groom agree and in such cases if one can find the factors contributing to Praptam(what is destined to fall in one’s lot), one can say which will be matched with the horoscope of the particular bride or groom.

However the maxim ; Runanubhandha Pasu Patni Sutalaya; stands meaning that a cow or a wife or a son or a house falling to one’s lot in this life depends on debits due to prior birth.

Below is an example of model horoscope of couple with successful marriage and prosperity.

Man: Libra Lagna;Venus and Rahu in Libra; Moon n Capricorn; Jupiter in Aduarius; Saturn in Pisces; Ketu in Aries; Sun, Mercury and Mars in Leo. Moon star Sravana fourth pada.

Woman: Virgo Lagna; Jupiter in Lagna; Sun and Mars in Scorpio; Mercury and Ketu in Sagittarius; Venus in Capricorn; Saturn and Rahu in Gemini; Moon in Leo. Moon star Pubba or Poorvaphalguni fourth pada.

The compatibility points are:
On the basis of the Moon – Varna 0,Vasya 2, Grahamaitri(navamsa chart) 2, Rasikuta 7, Dinakuta 1 1/2, Yonikuta 2 1/2, Ganakuta 5, Nadikudta 8, Rajju 4, Vedha 2, Mahendra 0, Streedeergha 1, Moon position 2, Ashtakavarga 0, Total points for Moon are 37.

On the basis of other aspects – Kuja Dosha 8, other malefics Dosha 3, Lagnas 3, Lagna lords 3, Seventh house 0, Seventh house lords 3, Eighth house lords 0, Other planets 14, Lagna and Moon 1,Venus and Mars 0, Venus position 0, Total points for other factors are 36.

Total compatibility points 73 (Moon 37): Very Good (towards excellent).