Nadi Astrology for Marriage

The following article was published in The Times of Astrology magazine New Delhi Jan 2002.


I would like to present a case study of the results of the Nadi Astrology taken from different Nadi Astrologers in connection with the marriage of my son, comparing them with actual happened in accordance with the natal chart The Nadi Astrologers will read the results from the old palm leaves mostly Tamil and Sanskrit, after checking and matching several aspects of the individuals such as name, name of parents, brothers and sisters, others salient important events etc.


The details of the natal chart with Lahiris Ayanamsa and Ramans 110-year ephemeris is as follows;

Name:P.V.Kamesh; Fathers Name: P.Venkata Ramana Rayudu; Mothers Name: Bharati; Date of Birth: 25-11-1964;Place of Birth: Hyderabad (AP); Time of birth: (I.S.T): 15-22-27; Lagna: Aries 2deg 43 min; Sun Scorpio 9deg 48 min; Mars Leo16deg 15 min; Mercury Sagittarius 0deg 27 min; Jupiter (retro) Aries 26 deg 6 Min; Venus Libra 7deg 5 min; Saturn Aquarius 5deg 29 min; Rahu Gemini 0deg 34 min; Ketu Sagittarius 0deg 34 min; Moon Cancer 28deg 24 min; Balance of dasa at birth : Mercury 2 years 0 months 8 days; Presently Venus main period from 3 Dec 1973 to 3 Dec 1993, Mercury sub period in Venus main period from 3 Dec.1989 to 3 Oct 1992, Venus inter-period in Mercury sub-period from 3 Dec 1973 to 3 Oct 1992, Venus inter-period in Mercury sub-period in Venus main period from 27 June 1990 to 17 Dec 1990, Sun inter period 17 Dec 1990 to 8 Feb 1991 and Moon inter period from 8 Feb 1991 to 3 May 1991.


The following are the Nadi astrology results taken regarding the marriage aspect;

Shuka Nadi ; Taken on 11 Oct 1987

22 years 10 months 1`6th day destined to get the Rishi Vaya on this particular day on this aspect of Vivahakanda, Aslesha Star, Guru after entering Meena rasi, vivaha yoga starts, Mesha Lagna, 7th lord Venus indicate beautiful wife, Guru in Navamsa Rasi as per gochara between 25 Oct 87 to 30 Mar 88 marriage proposal will take place. Between 23rd birth day before 24th birth day marriage Lakshmi Sambhandhanama patni, she will be from a far away place but at the time of marriage the family will have moved into the same city. She will be from a good family, educated. For both of them the age difference will be a little more than two years. In the 5th house because of Mars, destined to have 2 sons and a daughter and all the children will come in the Venus dasa period.

Sjuka Nadi ; Taken on 20 mar 1988

In continuation of earlier reading taken on 11 Oct 1987, for Aslesha Nakshatra for Jataka, the coming 12 days is an opportune time for the right proposal to come and for marriage fixation. Before 120 days the marriage will take place. Thefname of the girl will be related to Lakshmi. She will have one brother and sister, The marriage fixation will come easily by pooja to remove doshas associated with Vivahakaraka and Vivhasthana and also the kendradhipatya dosha. The following mantara can be done for thought process correction or Sathbuddi Prabhadoana and the obstacles in the Adhi Daivike realm.

Sankha Chakra gadha haste-Suddha varne subhanane

Mamadhi Varam Lakhsmim –Sarva Siddhi pradhayini

Whatever proposals that you receive in the coming 12 days will have greater potential for settlement. Sumangali pooja should be done on Friday with panchaphala, vastra and dakshina and daana to 2 or 5 elderly sumangalis to remove pratibandhaka dosham.

Sukra Nadi : Taken on 31 Dec 1989

Kamesh will marry a girl whose name is related to that Lakshmi such as Rama, Padma etc. Her father will be a high official in central Government name relating to Vishnu and mother Parvathi-Brides mother will have two pregnancies out of which bride will be the only daughter. She will be beautiful, white in complexion, having considerable height. He will marry in August 1990. One match will fail and the second one will succeed. The match will be from Hyderabad itself, perhaps from relatives.

Kowmara Nadi : Taken on 24 Jan 1990

Agastya is narrating Pratyek-Kanda, Sani Kumba; Buddha in Dhanus; Ravi in Vrischika, Rahu in Gemini; Chandra in Kataka; Kuja in Simha; Sukra in Thula ; Mesha lagna; Guru in lagna. Name Kanchi Eswara (Kameswar). Fathers name is after Lord of Seven Hills, mothers name is connected with Saraswathi. His marriage will take place around 27th year. The bride will have ancestral property. This will be a new alliance. The parents of the bride will live long. She will be educated. She will come from a town area. The match will come from South -Eastern direction. The girls co-borns will have independent living. She will be of fair complexion and named after a flower of Lakshmi.

Vasista Nadi: Taken on 1st Dec 1990

Till now the marriage has not taken place. Because of Poorvajanma papa and Navagraha dosha, marriage is getting delayed and some circumstances are going against him. To avoid the doshas some shanti is to be done. Now he is running 27th year. 27th year marriage on 28th February. Bride side people will come on their own seeking alliance for his marriage. Bride will have good status, good family background, bride is not her mothers first child, brides parents had left their previous place and settled in a second place, Bride is a graduate, good face, likes discipline and manners she is clever also. He will get a girl who will have similar graha doshas as he has got. The girl will have a mark or mole on the neck, name of the girl similar to Tirumala range the match will come from north or north- eastern direction. There will be open land next the brides house. The brides house may face north with street in front in the east -west. In his 29th year birth of a son, by 35thyear one son and one daughter will be born. His children will have good education. At 54th year his wife will be come sick. By 60th year his children will get settled. In his previous birth he misbehaved with the chastity of his sister-in-law and usurped all the properties of his brother, No belief in God, so in this janma he will have no brothers and sisters. He will be alone. So Parihara and Shanti is to be done. On Monday, pooja for Devas Amba, Muruga, Vinayaka, Siva, Silk clothes will have to be given to a couple, Seven types of fruits, milk, honey etc. to be given to the Nadi astrologer 21 Sumangalis are to be honoured, 21 times Pooja on Sunday to Ammavaru .No rebirth for this native.


Many marriage proposals had been coming from his 23rd year from 1987 but in his 25th year on girl named Vimala was almost fixed for marriage in April 1989, for marriage to be celebrated in Feb, 1990. But after lot of discussion and misunderstandings the match was dropped in September 1989 from the girls side. This girl is only 17 years old. Her fathers name is Srinivasa Rao and mothers name is Anasuya. Her father has retired from a private bank service. Even after that, lot of proposals have been coming but nothing was materializing. In December 1990 two more suitable matches have come one from Madras with only one and half years age difference and only 5ft 3in tall, fair, named Vasundhara, post – graduate with one younger sister and brother. The second match was from Visakhapatnam with four and half years age difference 5ft 6in tall, fair, named Venkata Sailaja graduate doing diploma in computers with knowledge of music, having one younger brother. Though the Madras people have brought the girl to Hyderabad , it is dropped due to the 6ft height of the boy. After lot of correspondence and due to curfew in Hyderabad, the girl from Visakhapatnm could be seen on 14 Jan 1991 only. After lot of discussions the match was settled and the marriage was celebrated in Visakhapatnam on 28 Feb 1991 at 0300 hrs.


Now comparing this girl with the Nadi results, the girls name was originaly given as Venkata Saila connected with Tirupati Shrine their family being devotees of Tirupat-Tirumala God and Goddess and subsequently the letter ja being added as per the advice of their priest to complete some syallable formulation. Thus we can take the name of the girl is almost coincided with what the Nadi results predicted. The girl is tall, fair, graduate, from good family, disciplined. Before her birth, her mother had two abortions and so in that sense she is not the eldest and she had three coborns. She has got a mole on the neck. The girls house in Visakhapatnam has an open land beside. Her father is a retired Superintending engineer from State Government. His name is VasantaRao the brides mothers name is Saraswati. The marriage did take place on 28th Feb 1991 in the 27 year of the boy. So, in general when all the Nadi results are studied though there are some contradictions and confusions, most of the important events of the Nadi predictions have come true such as the age of the marriage, date of marriage, name and features of the girl, coborns of the girl (that is the girl will not be the only daughter), father of the girl senior officer in government, dropping of the first match which was almost settled, the girls father originally belonged to Hyderabad but subsequently settled in Vishakapatnam etc.


From the normal Natal chart it would not be possible to predict such details about the marriage. May be from the natal chart, since Venus is in 7th aspected by Jupiter, we can say he can get a good looking wife with good wisdom and since Kalatrakara in 7th house we can expect some delay and obstacles in setting the marriage. Of-course we can definitely expect that the marriage will take place in main period before 3rd Dec.1993. We may expect that the period may be in Venus; Mercury-Venus from 27th June 1990 to 17th Dec.1990 though Mercury is not directly connected with the marriage aspect but because of strong Venus. With due consideration for the time is fairly correct expect for about 2 months difference in actual marriage timing. The acceptance of the match has taken place in 14 Jan 1991when Venus was transiting in 7th house in Capricorn from the Moon in his natal chart. The actual marriage has taken place when Venus has come to exaltation in Pisces after 18 Feb. 1991 as per Gochara.


Therefore it is concluded that though the natal chart is studied it is better to get the Nadi results also and then judiciously merge the predictions to get some valuable indications and to arrive at suitable decisions regarding settling marriages, if astrology is to be followed for the purpose of guidance. Otherwise of-course, it can be left with the saying Marriages are made in Heaven or Runanubhandha Rupena Pasu Patni Sutalay.