Navamsapada Lords and Predictions

The following article was published in the Annual Issue January 2001 of the magazine “The Times of Astrology”, New Delhi, India.



At the outset I would like to confess that this is neither my original work not I have done any further research on this topic. But my quest to find who will be the lords of each pada (quarter) of the 27 Nakshtras and what will be the results thereof stumbled into reading books titled “Navamsa Phalams’ and ” Graha Balam” by Shri Late B.N.Krishnamurthy of Guntur city of Andhra Pradesh , published in South Indian language of Telugu in 1978 and 1980, are out of print now. Shri Krishnamurthy did lot of research after reading Varahamihira’s Surya Hora and Chandra Hora in ” Brihat Jataka” and formulated a system for this understanding. From this system many details can be predicted not only for the horoscope of the native but also about all his /her relatives. I propose to give a crux of this research in this paper so that the esteemed readers of the well-known magazine can ponder further on this matter.

Cosmic Hierarchy

Generally it is understood that the is concerned with the nine planets. But the root for this creation are the main nine deities who are the Trimurthis (three trinities),their three wives and their three sons. The other levels in the hierarchy would execute their orders. They are the rulers called Ashta Dikpalakas (eight rulers of the eight directions), the subrulers called nava grahas (nine planets) and the leader of these rulers is Maha Ganapati (the elephant god).The total of these is 27 which is formulated as Nakshatras (constellations) and these 27 nakshatras are divided amongst the twelve rasis (signs). The benefic or malefic results for the mankind would be to full extent by the main nine deities, to half e tgent by the rulers and to one-fourth extent by the subrulers. These rulers and subrulers are divided into two groups belonging to the Vishnu varga family and Siva varga family of the Trimurthis. The planet Buddha (mercury) is related to the Brahma family . their roles regarding the directions, duties and castes are classified.

The following table gives the full picture:


Vishnu family
Dieties Roles Rulers Directions Grahas Castes
Maha Vishnu King Devendra East Ravi Kshatriya
Maha Lakshmi Minister Kubera West Guru Brahmin
Manmadha Commander Varuna North Kuja Vaisya
Adiseshu andGarukmantha Guards Yama South Ketu Sudra
Siva family
Parameshwara King Easanu North east Chandra Kshariya
Parvati devi Minister Agnihotra South east Sukra Brahmin
Kumaraswami Commander Nairuti South west Sani Vaisya
Phani andNandi Guards Vayu orth west Rahu Sudra


First Nakshtramala and Rasis

Eash planet id allotted three nakshtras. The first nine nakshatras from Ashwini to Ashlesha belong to the first mala (set) and they belong to the root deities and Devaloka containing full strength to give benefic and malefic results or longevity in the Dasa of the planets. Each nakshatra has been divided into four padas (quarters). These are called Paramocha nakshatras. The dasa years of Ravi is 6 and with the 12 padas of the 3 nakshatras allotted to it would give 6 multiplied by 12 = 72 years of longevity in this first mala. Similarly Kuja or Ketu and Chandra would give 84 and 120 years of longevity. But for the planets Guru, Buddha, Rahu, Sani and Sukra , the 4 padas of the one naskatra only is taken. The dasa yeas of Guru is 16 aad with 4 padas, the longevity would be 16 multiplied by 4= 64 years. Similarly the Budha, Rahu, Sani and Sukra would give 68,72,76 and 80 years respectively in this first mala.

These first nine nakshatras of this Paramocha nakshatra mala are allotted to the first four rasis of Mesha (Aries), Vrishabha(Taurus), Midhuna(Gemini), and Kartaka(Cancer. These four rasis are called Paramocha rasis and they are Devaloka rasis.

Second Nakshtramala And Rasis

The second nakshatramala from Makha to Jyeshta belong to the rulers Ashta Dikpalakas and Pitruloka or Swargaloka. This nakshatra mala is called Ucha nakshatra mala. The benefic or malefic results and the longevity during the dasa of theplanets would be 75% in this mala. The rasis allotted to this mala are Simha (Leo), Kanya(Virgo), Tula(Libra) and Vrichika(Scorpio). These rasis are called Ucha rasis and Swargaloka rasis.

Third Nakshatramala And Rasis

The third nakshatra mala is from Mula to Revati belong to subrulers of grahas (planets) and Graha mandalas. The benefic and malefic results aznd the longevity for the dasas of the planets to these nakshatra mala would be 25% in this mala. This mala is called Neecha Nakshatramala. The rasis allotted arte Dhanus (Sagittarius), Makara(Capricorn), Kunbha(Aquarius) and Meena (Pisces). These rasis are called Neecha rasis and Graha mandala rasis.

Nakshatra Padas

Eash nakshatra has got 4 padas and each of these padas are again termed as Paramocha pada, Ucha pada, Neecha pada and Paramanecha pada.

Surya Hora System

The nakshatramalas and grahas are divided as follows:

Aswini-Ketu-Paramaneecha-Servant-25% strength
Krittika-Ravi-Paramocha-King-100% strength
Mrigasira-Kuja-Neecha-Commander-50% strength
Punarvasu-Guru-Ucha-Minister-75% strength

Chandra Hora System

The nakshatras and grahas are divided as follows:

Bharani-Sukra-Ucha-Minister-75% strength
Rohini-Chandra-Paramocha-King-100% strength
Arudra-Rahu-Paramaneecha- Servant-25% strength
Pushyami-Sani-Neecha-Commander-50% strength

Nakshatra Padadhipatis (Lords Of Nakshatra Padas)

Each nakshatra has got 4 padas and eash rasi has got 9 padas. Each pada has got a planet as lord. For example, the Mesha rasi hads got 4 padas of Aswini nakshatra, 4 padas of Bharani and 1 pada of Krittika. The lord of the first pada of Aswini is Ketu, of the second pada is Ravi, of the third pada is Kuja nad of the fourth pada is Guru. These planets belong to the Vishnu varga family. The lord of the 1st pada of Bharani is Sukra, of 2nd pada is Chandra, of 3rd pada is rahu and of 4th pada is Sani and these planets belong to the Siva varga family. The following table gives the lords of all padas of all nakshatras


Table of nakshatrapada lords:
Mesha Aswini Bharani Krittika
1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1
Ketu Ravi Kuja Guru Sukra Chandra Rahu Sani Ravi

Vrishabha Krittika Rohini Mrigasira
2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2

Kuja Guru Ketu Chandra Rahu Sani Sukra Kuja Guru

Midhuna Mrigasira Arudra Punarvasu
3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3
Ketu Ravi Rahu Sani Sukra Chandra Guru Ketu Ravi

Karkataka Punarvasu Pushyami Ashlesha
4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
Kuja Sani Sukra Chandra Rahu Ketu Ravi Kuja Guru

Simha Makha Pubba Uttara
1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1
Ravi Kuja Guru Ketu Chandra Rahu Sani Sukra Kuja

Kanya Uttara Hasta Chitta
2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2
Guru Ketu Ravi Rahu Sani Sukra Chandra Guru Ketu

Tula Chitta Swati Visakha
1 2 1 2 3 4 1 2 3
Ravi Kuja Sani Sukra Chandra Rahu Ketu Ravi Kuja

Vrichika Visakha Anuradha Jyeshta
4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
Ravi Sukra Chandra Rahu Sani Ravi Kuja SukraChandra

Dhanus Moola Poorvashada Uttarashada
1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1
Kuja Guru Ketu Ravi Rahu Sani Sukra Chandra Guru

Makara Uttarashada Sravana Dhanishta
2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2
Ketu Ravi Kuja Sani Sukra Chandra Rahu Ketu Ravi

Kumbha Dhanishta Satabhisha Pooravabhadra
3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3
Kuja Guru Sukra Chandra Rahu Sani Ravi Kuja Guru

Meena Pooravabhadra Uttarabhadra Revati
4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
Ketu Chandra Rahu Sani Sukra Rahu Sani Sukra Chandr

Brahma Varga Family, Budha Graha, Budha Nakshatras

Earlier the Vishnu varga and Siva varga families are mentioned. For Brahma varga family Budha graha is allotted. The nakshatras Ashlesha, Jyeshta and Revati are allotted to Budha. For these three nakshatras, there are 12 padas. The first 6 padas relate to Vishnu varga family and the next 6 padas to Siva varga family. The first pada of Ashlesh is in Guard amsa Paramaneecha, 2nd pada is Rajamsa of Brahma Paramocha, 3rd pada is Commander amsa Neechams of Narada (son of Brahma), 4th pada is Minister amsa Neechamsa of Sarada (Goddess Saraswati wife of Brahma). The first pada of Jyeshta is Paramocha Brahmamsa, 2nd pada is neechamsa Narada amsa, 3rd pada is in Siva varga family uchamsa of Sarada amsa, 4th pada is in Paramocha Brahmamsa. The 1st pada of the third nakshatra Revati of Budha is in Siva varga family Paramaneecha Guard amsa, 2nd pada is in neechamsa of Narada amsa, 3rd pada is Uchamsa of Sarada, 4th pada is Paramaochamsa of Brahma.

Navamsa Graph Preperation

After getting the birth charts and Dasa of planets as per the birth details, the navamsa pada lord of the lagna (ascendant) is found out from the table earlier given., From this it is ascertained in which varga or vamsa ( Surya or Chandra) the birth has taken place. Here afterwards this planet is considered as the lagnadhipati (lord of lagna). Similarly the other nakshatrapada lords of all other planets of the charet are found out. The navamsa graph is prepared as follows. The lagna varga Kendra to which the lagna navamsapada lord belongs is prepared on the left side with the concerned planets and the other varga kendras are prepared on the Paroksha (opposite) kendras on the right side.

Surya Vamsa:

==============| Budha |






==============|West| Guru|75%|


==============|East| Ravi| 100%|




==============| North| Kuja| 50%|


==============|N.W | Rahu | 25%|


==============|S.W| Sani 50% |


Chandra Vamsa:

==============| Budha |


==============|S.E| Sukra|75%|


==============|South| Ketu| 25%|


==============| S.W | Sani | 50% |


==============|N.E| Chandra|100%|


==============|East| Ravi |100%|


==============|N.W |Rahu |25%|


==============|North| Kuja| 50%|


==============|West| Guru | 50%|


For example, if the lagana nakshatra pada is Aswini 1st pada, the native falls under Surya vamsa graph. So the lagna starts from Ketu (Aswini lord) and ends at Ketu and the lagna is marked over the Ketu box. If it is aswini 2nd pada, the lagna starts from Ketu and ends at Ravi and the lagna is mrked over the Ravi box. Similarly for Aswini 3rd pada and 4th pada, the lagna is marked over the Kuja nad Guru boxes. If the lagna nakshatra pada is in Bharani 1st pada , the native falls under the Chandra vamsa graph. So the lagna starts from Sukra (Bharani lord) and ends at Sukra and the lagna is marked over the Sukra box. Similarly the other lagnas of the padas of 2,3,4 of Bharani are marked over Chandra,Rahu and Sani.

For example, if Ravi is in the nakshatra pada of Pubba 3rd pada, Ravi moves in the Chandra vamsa graph over Sukra (Pubba lord) and ends up at Sani and Ravi is marked over Sani box. If Chandra is in Rohini 1st pada, Chandra starts from Chandra ,moves over, ends at Chandra and Chandra is marked over the Chandra box. If Sani is in Punarvasu 3rd pada, it starts from Sani box,moves over the Guru box in the Paroksha Kendra of Surya vamsa and ends up at Kuja and Sani is marked over Kuja box. Similarly all the other planets are marked over the concerned boxes either in Surya vamsa or Chandra vamsa graphs.

The number 1 is marked over the lagna box and the other numbers 2,3,4 are marked over the other boxes in the same vamsa in clockwise direction. The numbers 5,6,7,8 are marked in the Paroksha varga over the corresponding boxes of similar strengh. For example, for Sukr lagna 1 is marked over Sukra,2 is marked over Chandra, 3 over Rahu, 4 over Sani, 5 over Guru, 6 over Ravi, 7 over Ketu and 8 over Kuja.


Graha Balas (Planets Strengths)

The strength of a planet is found depending on its original strength and depending on the original strength of the planet over which it finally ends in its movement as nakshatrapada lord. If the planet’s nakshatrapada lord falls in the same varga, then the planet gets additional strength of the nakshatrapada lord also. If the planet’s nakshatrapada lord falls in the paroksha varga, then the planet gets the the strength as the difference between its original strength and the strength of its nashatrapada lord. For example, Ravi’s nakshatrapada lord if Kuja in the same varga, then to the original strength of 100 of Ravi is added the original strength of 50 of Kuja. On the other hand, if the nakshatrapada lord falls in the Paroksha varga of Chandra vamsa over Sani, then the net strength of Ravi would be the difference between its original strength of 100 and the original strength 50 of Sani ,which means Ravi would be of strength of 50 only.


The lord of lagna, that is the nakshatrapada lord of the lagna would represent the native. The 2nd planet from there in clockwise direction would represent the father of the native; the 3rd represents father’s father, elder brother, elder sister and the 4th represents the mother. The 5tht in the Paroksha varga of equivalent strength represents father’s mother, mother’s father; the 6th represents the maternal uncle, the 7th the mother’s mother and the 8th the father’s elder brother or sister. For example in the Surya varga, if Ketu is the lagnadhipati, the 2nd Ravi represents father, the 3rd represents the father’s father, elder brother and sister and the 4th represents the mother. Similarly if the lagnadhipati is Sukra in Chadra vamsa, it represents the native and the 2nd Chandra,the 3rd Rahu and the 4th Sani represent the above relaives respectively. If the Ravi is the lagnadhipati, the of 2nd,3rd,4th planets would be Kuja, Guru, Ketu. If Moon is the lagnadhipati, the order of the 2nd,3rd,4th planets would be Rahu, Sani, Sukra. Similarly the order is to be taken in the clockwise rotation of the other lagnadhipatis.

The same lords would represent all other relatives in the other phases of life. For example, in youth age, the 4th lord represents the wife, the children, the boss. Since the list is big, it is not given here.

The list of the relatives can be extended to represent the relatives of the relatives of the native also. For example, since 2nd lord represents the father , taking this as the lagnadhipati for the father ,all other relative’s of the father can be represented ,such as the 4th of the native which is 3rd from 2nd would represent the father’s elder brother or sister etc.

Native’s Resemblances

From the nakshatra padas of the lagna in the different nakshatra malas, the resemblances of the native can be ascertained. For example, if the native’s lagna nakshatra is Ketu, having the 3 nakshatras of Aswini, Makha , Moola in the 3 nakshatra malas the resemblances would as follows for the different padas. The same would apply for other nakshatras also. This would give some idea to correct the pada if necessary.

Aswini-if lagna is in 1st pada- the native would be born with the resemblances of father’ mother/grand father’s elder brother/ mother’s father; if in 2nd pada resembling mother/father’s elder brother or sister/mother’s younger brother; if in 3rd pada similar to 1st pada; if in 4th pada resembling father, father’s father’s younger sister, father’s younger sister/mother’s elder brother

Makha- if lagna is in 1st pada- resembling mother’s father’s elder brother, mother’s younger brother/grand father/father’s mother; in 2nd pada resembling mother/mother’s elder brother/ father’s elder brother/sister; in 3rd pada resembling father’s father or mother; in 4th pada resembling father

Moola- if lagna is in 1st pada-resembling grand father; in 2nd pada resembling mother/mother’s brother/ father’s elder brother or sister; in 3rd pada resembling father/father’s younger brother or sister/ mother’s elder sister/brother.

Fourth Kendra Graha

The 4th Kendra graha from the lagnadhipati is n clockwise direction would play a major role representing mother, teacher, wife, children , prosperity, health, education, houses, profession boss etc.

The following table gives the 4th Kendradhipati for different lagnadhipatis:

Laghnadhipatis 4th Kendradhipatis
Ravi Ketu(Paramaneecha)
Chandra Sukra(Ucha
Kuja Sun (Paramocha)
Rahu Chandra(Paramocha)
Guru Kuja(Neecha)
Sani Rahu(Paramneecha)
Ketu Guru(Ucha)
Sukra Sani(Nneecha)

If the lagnadhipati is not in its own lagna kendra, but placed over the other kendras in the same varga or in the paroksha varga, then the 4th Kendra for the graha would be considered from that lagnadhipati kendra to give results. For example, if the lagnadhipati Ravi is placed over Ravi that is if he is in Krittika 1st pada, then the 4th kendradhipati would be Ketu. But if Ravi is placed over the 2nd Kendra of Kuja in the same kendrea, that is if Ravi is in Krittika 2nd pada, the 4th kendradhipati would be 4th lord from Kuja,that is Ravi itself. If the same Ravi placed over Rahu, that is in Hasta 1st pada, then the 4th kendradhipati would be Chandra. It may be noted that the 4th lord for the native’s relative, say father, the lagnadhipati of the native would be the 4th lord since father is represented by the 2nd lord of the lord and the 4th from the 2nd would be the 1st lord.

Education, Profession, Houses

The eight yogakartas (lagnadhipatis) with their chaturdha kendradhipatis (4th Kendra lords) would give different education, profession, houses (residence) and their directions as per their effects as follows. If laganadhipati and the chatudhadhipati (4th lord) are in their own kshetras (houses) , the following results would apply. It is to be noted that if the lagnadhipati is located in the same varga or paroksha varga and if it associated with that kendradhipati, then depending on the 4th lord of that kendradhipati the native would get education. Also the native would construct house or live in such houses as per the direction and in the dasa of that lord.

Parama neecha yoga kartas- Ketu and Rahu- would give roughly education from 1 to 6 classes. They would give mostly technical and hand operated (vocational) education Due to their effect, the native would live in thatched or timed houses, in muddy areas, in forests, at the end of the villages, near rivers, tanks, ponds, mountains, under trees. For Ravi lagna natives since Ketu would be the 4th lord and this native would live in such houses in the Southern direction in villages or near villages. For Sani lagna natives, Rahu would be the 4th lord and would give poor education to the native and the native lives in such poor houses in north- west direction.

Paramocha kartas- Ravi and Moon- would give excellent education, languages, scholarly degrees, . With their effect the native would live in big cities, in distant foreign countries, in very big beautiful house with more than 2 stories. If it is the same country, the native lives in the important cities of the countries, if in state in the state’s main cities, if in a district in the main towns of the district , in rajbhavan (government bungalows) or multi-story buildings. For Kuja lagna natives, Ravi would be the 4th lord and Ravi is the lord of east, hence these natives would live in rajbhavans in eastern direction., It is to be noted that if it is Vishnu, the native would live in distant countries, if Devendra ruler in the same country or state, if Ravi in state or district main town in rajbhavan (government bungalows) or in other’s multistoried bungalows. That means, if Krittika 1st pada it is Vishnu, if Uttara 4th pada Devendra, and if Uttashada 3rd pada Ravi. Likewise the Kuja lagna natives, over Ravi as per nakshatra padamsa, from there as per the birth time associated with Vishnu , Devendra on those padas, would give the above results. For Rahu lagna ntives, Chandra would take the 4th lordship. Since this Chandra is the lord for north- east direction, for Rahu lagna natives the north -east direction is important. Such natives would possess big bungalows in north- east or live in them in distant countries in main cities or in same country or state or districts. They would be will educated only.

It is to be noted for Kuja and Rahu lagna natives, if the 4th lord Ravi and Chandra are in their own kendras and in addition 4 grahas are deposited over these kendras, for those natives, beginning from the lagna maha dasa approximately an year ahead, paramaocha yoga starts and remains for 6 or 12 or 18 or 24 years. This applies for only Ravi . So the Kuja lagna natives would get very high postion in political and government related occupations. Similarly for Rahu lagna natives, the native would get extremely high position and results in business or private organizations for 10 or 20 or 30 or 40 years. For this Rahu maha dasa would be his beginning. Such natives only would live in big bungalows or construct and live in them. In addition if on these Ravi and Chandra 2 or 3 grahas are posited, they will be very prosperous with excellent yoga.

Ucha yoga kartas-Guru and Sukra- would give logic, law, dharma, finance, politics related education. Guru would give jyotish, arms, literature, mathematics, business, agriculture and social studies education and would make him as expert and great poet. Sukra as per present education systems would give below degree level. Guru would give single storied building in main cities in western direction and Sukra in south- east direction. For Ketu lagna native, Guru would operate as 4th lord. So the native would be a minister/deputy ruler/ head of law or education department/ director/secretary/confidential adviser or work in such related organizations and live in single storied building in west direction. For Chandra lagna natives, Sukra would be the 4th lord and they will be connected with business or private organizations as partner/ lawer /director/or in education department s vice principal/assistant headmaster/lecturer/teacher or otherwise in agriculture, architecture, jyotish departments as expert living in single storied buildings in south -east direction.

Neecha yoga kartas- Kuja and Sani- would give about 10th class education. The native would work in defence/ police/finance/ banks/treasuries/accounts as inspectors/ managers/ supervisors/clerks. They can be contractors or money- lenders also and for this Kuja is concerned. They will be district heads living in cities in tiles houses in north direction. For Guru lagna natives, Kuja being the 4th lord would give above results. For Sukra lagna natives, Sani being the 4th lord would give about 10th class education and village/town people leadership or representative. They would be connected with grains/animals/agriculture/temples or in business organizations as manager/inspector/supplier/contractor in export/import organization/in small shops in towns/districts in south- west direction.

Parama Neecha kartas- Ketu and Rahu- Ketu gives in government related low class jobs in defence/forest/mines/surgery/roads/canals/airways/news/publishing/chemical departments as drivers/ fitters /cleaners/ draughtsmen /compositors/welders etc with low education. Rahu gives in business related jobs in low class in agricultural fields/pottery/cookery/medical/smithy areas.

Budha Lagna Natives

The ninth graha Budha has not got own house. So his three nakshatras and their 12 padas get the following eight lagna positions. If the lagna nakshatra is Ashlesha or Jyeshta or Revati, then they are called Budha lagna natives.

Aslesha: 1st pada Ketu, 2nd pada Ravi, 3rd pada Kuja, 4th pada Guru
Jyeshta: 1st pada Ravi, 2nd pada Kuja, 3rd pada Sukra, 4th pada Chandra
Revati : 1st pada Rau,2nd pada Sani,3rd pada Sukra,4th pada Chandra.

Like this , the Budha lagna native would be born in Surya and Chandra vamsas.

The Budha graha movement would correspond to Brahma (one of the trinities) 100%, Sarada (wife of Brahma) 75%, Narada (son of Brahma) 50% and Vahanamsa (vehicles of Brahma ) 25%. If it is lagna the native will have such mental qualities of the lagna and if it is in the 4th from lagna the native will do such activities of the 4th Kendra.

If the Budha graha is deposited on the lagna or 4th Kendra, then such natives are likely be adopted. The same adoption or bringing up by others can also take place if the lagna lord or 4th lord is on Budha star in the same or paroksha varga or in its 4th kendra and the natives may also take actions unexpectedly. If this Budha graha is in the 4th pf the kendradhipati, then one of hose kendradhipatis may be adopted or they may inherit properties. If they are of Sarada amsa they will be great scholars, minister, legal/ educational heads. If in Brahma amsa they will be strange creators and constitutional writers. If in Narada amsa, they will be great concialatory experts If in parama neechamsa. They can be great sculptures, researchers, medical experts, meditators, devotees, teachers/priests, sanyasis.

Dasa Results

In Kuja maha dasa, the 4th lord from Kuja , that is Ravi, would gjve the results. If this Ravi is in good condition with good strength, it would give good results and in if in bad condition with bad strength would give bad results. If this Ravi (100%) is in Pubba 3rd pada, then the nakshatrapada lord would Sani (50%) and the net benefic of Ravi would give only upto 50% results. If the same Ravi (100%) is in Pubba 1st pada then the nakshatrapada lord would be Moon (100%) and the net result of Ravi would zero (100%-100%) since it has gone to the paroksha or opposite varga from Vishnu to Siva varga. If any other planet is also deposited on the 4th Kendra of Ravi, then the significations of that planet also comes into play.

If any maha dasa lord in own kshetra operating the same 4th lord, then that 4th lord results would come as it is. In case the maha dasa lord is over some other planet in the same varga or paroksha varga , then the results would as per that some other planet.

Sapta Graha Kendrakarana Phalas (Results of association of planets on a Kendra)

38.if the planets are deposited over lagna Kendra or chaturdha Kendra (4th) , the following would the results depending on their association over the particular amsa. For example, if one planet is over Ravi or Chandra Kendra, the native will be an important person in his family and if 7 planets are over Ravi or Chandra Kendra, he will be a king or president or a crorepati since Ravi and Chandra are of 100% strength in Paramocha. If one planet is over Guru Kendra, then he will depend on others’ money.

Ravi-Chandra Paramocha kartas (100% strength)
1.Important person in his family 2.Similar person in his family 3.Respected in family 4.Government officer or rich 5.Happy person 6.Enjoys government support or very rich 7.King or president or crorepati

Guru-Sukra Ucha kartas (75% strength)
1.Depends on others’ money 2.depends on friends 3.Supported by father’s brothers and of same
gotra 4.Supported by relatives 5.Establishes associations or business centers 6.Minister,public leader or Partner in business centers 7.Enjoys government comforts

Kuja-Sani Neecha kartas (50% strength)
1.Poor 2.Not happy 3.Foolish 4.Mental problems or indebted 5.Commits crimes due to associations 6.Gives troubles to others 7.Commits murders

Ketu-Rahu Parama Neecha kartas (25% strength)
1.Very poor 2.Not at all happy 3.Very foolish 4.Long drawn diseases or debts 5.Imprisonments due to associations 6.Commits Jeevahimsa 7.Commits murders irrespective of any associations concerning his people or others.

Body Parts

The body parts arte divided as right side for Surya varga and the left side for Chandra varga. For different nakshatrapadas, the different parts are allotted. For example, right side parts as per Chandra nadi and their left side parts as per Surya nadi are allotted. In rhese parts which part is critical for longevity (Ayuh Sthana) for which lagna wise are also given. The Kuja -Rahu lagna natives may die due to problems of eyes, heart and thighs, the Ketu-Chandra lagna natives may die due to problems of brian, shoulder, lower back and these two lagan natives are likely to get mental problems also. Ravi-Sani lagna natives may die due to long drawn didease in ears, hand palms, feet and also due to breathing problems
and due to accidents during rtravels. Guru-Sukra lagna natives may die due to defects in teeth, stomach, legs knees, hand joints. For any native if Budha is placed in the 4th Kendra, the Prana may go out through Brahma Kendra (top center of head), mouth, navel , genitals or lower excretory portions. The details are not given due to space problems.

Model Horoscope

A model horoscope of a person born on 8 December 1944 at 1 Am (after correction for war time) at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh is considered for analysis on this basis. The lagna and the planets nakshatrapadas are worked out as follows:

Vargottama (in the same varga)
Planet Nakshatra Pada Nakshatra pada lord Strength
Ravi Jyeshta 2 Kuja 100+50=150%
Kuja Anuradha 4 Sani 50-50=0%
Guru Uttara 2 Guru 75%
Ketu Uttarashada 1 Guru 25+75=100%
Budha Moola 4 Ravi 100%
Lagna Uttara 4 Ravi 100%

40. The Navamsa graph will be as follows:


| Budha |


4 Sukra


|South|Ketu|25% |


7 Chandra Sani


|S.E| Sukra |75%|


3 Guru Ketu




1 Budha Rahu


East | Sun | 100% |




| N.E.| Chandra|100%|


2 Ravi


|North| Kuja |50%|




| N.W| Rahu | 25%|


6 Kuja


| S.W | Sani | 50%|


Here are some interpretations of this graph. Lagandhipati Ravi in the same varga is deposited over the 2nd Kendra of Kuja. Lagna in in Vishnu family varga in Surya vamsa, in Ravi nakshatra of Paramocha, in second nakshatra mala of Devendra ruler, in Kshatriya varga. There are two grahas Budha nad Rahu over lagna. Since lagna is in Uttara 4th pada in 2nd nakshatramala, the native would resemble the father in looks. Lagna is in paramocha, that rajamsa 100%, and so the native will have king-like dignified nature, would like to cominate over the family members of the same varga to achieve the words and deeds, will have dharma, charity, expansion etc. Since the lagnadhipati is in 2nd Kendra over Kuja, the native will have commander amsa of 50% having qualities of a commander, that means, will do duties having control and inspection authority over some people, will do harmful deeds, will have leadership qualities. Since two grahas Budha nad Rahu are deposited over the lagna Kendra the native would be of equal status amongst the persons of the same group. The aim of the life, since lagna is in uttara 4th pada , would be commercial including businesses and other jobs, and fixed assets. Since lagnadhipati Ravi in in 2nd nakshatra mala,Uttara, with Ucha 75% strength, the body part of chest and heart will have this strength. Since the 4th kendra lord is Ketu and lagna is in 2nd nakshtramala,the Ayuh sthana body part would be left hand palm and nerves, which would be the critical parts for death.

If Budha is over lagna Kendra and over the 4th from Kendra and lagnadhipati Ravi is deposited, the native may be adopted or will be brought up by others or will be under the control of others or will not be brought up by the parents.

If the lagnadhipati Ravi is deposited in 2nd Kendra, the concerned relatives in childhood are father, mother’s elder brother/sister, father’s younger brother/sister; in teen age elder brother’s wife, elder sister’s husband,; in youth elder brother’s /sister’s children, younger maternal uncle’s children; in old age mother of daughter-in-law or mother-in-law of daughter etc. The 2nd lord Kuja 50% is not in own kshetra, but deposited in the paroksha Kendra of Sani 50%. That means Kuja lost his strength completely (50-50=0%). So the native will not be fully concerned with the above relatives or their jobs/ business, will have apprehensions about them and will behave with them so without much attachment .

At the time of birth, the native will be concerned with the Shastras, tastes, metal, and body parts of the graha of the Budha nakshatra padamsa lord. Here Budha is over Ravi and so the native will be concerned with jyotish, shastra, pungent taste, copper metal and will have strength in bones.

Since Sukra in over the 4th Kendra from lagna, lagnadhipati is deposited over 2nd Kendra and from 2nd over the 4th Kendra (lagna Kendra) Budha is deposited, the native will have own house. Since 4th Kendra lord Ketu (25%) is over Guru (75%),Sukra(75%) is over 4th Kendra, lagnadhipati Ravi deposited over 2nd and from there 4th lord (that is lagna Kendra lord Ravi 100%) and on that lagnadhipati Rahu (25%) is deposited (net strength 100-25=75%), the overall strength is 75% Ucha yoga, Guru and Sukra (75% Ucha) are connected, the native would construct a house of 75% strength or would live in such houses. That means, the native would construct or live in the main cities of the state in the Guru’s western direction or Sukra’s south east direction in single storied buildings and in the same directions in the cities.

Similarly the education concerned with Guru and Sukra with Ucha 75% will be obtained in the fields of logic, law, dharma, finance, jyotish, practical, arms, music, literature, mathematics, business, agriculture, social studies, poetry with below a formal Degree level.

Similarly in profession, Guru would give minister, director, legal educator, secretary, confidential adviser, and Sukra would give partner in business / private organizations, vice principal/assistant head master/lecturer/teacher in education department.

IN general, for any lagna native, if Sukra is over 4th Kendra, the native will eat and give food to others also spending money. Here since Sukra is the graha in the paroksha varga, the native will have some mental apprehensions and likely to behave in the opposite direction sometimes.

Since 4th lord Ketu is Sevakamsa yoga katrta, the native will have respect for elders, obedience, prayers ot gods, execution of actions as told and planned, timidity, liking for travels and loneliness, ability to do jobs with own effort, simple dresses even in good status, miserliness, negative deceitful attitudes over own or other people trying to move with them closely and to attack them when opportunity comes, the tendency to decipher the attitudes of others. Such natives mostly will be alert to sounds, touches, hand shakes and foot steps. Ketu represents as Mokshakaraka to Vaikunta and Vishnu Bhakta principles and hence would encourage for tapasyas (penances), rishis, yogis and sanyasis and the native would like to be like that. The native is likely to have chronic diseases, defects in body, bad effects from bad spirits, accidents due to fire etc. Since this Ketu is over Guru in the same varga, the native will be of helpful and cooperative nature with good intentions.

The horoscope belongs to my wife and most of the above results apply to her. In her childhood and teens, she was not looked after by her parents and she lived with her maternal uncles and aunts. She resembles her father very much. She would like to dominate over the family members. She is dharmic and charitable. She had commanding qualities with control and inspections over the maid- servants and others doing the jobs concerned with her. She has status equal to other family members . She would like to meet people and talk to them. She would not have much real attachment with relatives and will mental apprehensions about them, though she outwardly moves with them alright. She knows jyotish shastra, music and reads all philosophical literature. She does prayers to Gods. She lives in a beautiful single storied own building. She had not got a degree level education. She takes lot of interest in agricultural activities of plants and garden in the house. She worked as a teacher in a school. She cooks very well and loves to feed to the visitors. She has respect for elders and obedient. She likes travels. She is miserly. She is a devotee of Lord Venkateswara (Balaji) of Tirupati, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. In spite of having the facilities, she would not like to be well dressed and would love to look like a sanyasin and yogi. She has helpful and cooperative tendencies. I have not discussed the dasa results here for this horoscope as system due to paucity of space.


The research done by Shri Late B.N.Krishna Murthy seems to be having some meaning in understanding the levels of values and strengths of each set of nine nakshatras in the three sectors of 120 degrees each and the cosmic heirachy pattern in disseminating the predictions as the Paramocha, Ucha , Neecha and Parama Neecha level. It seems that the alternate planets of the 9 nakshatras are allotted to Vishnu and Siva and the last planet Budha is allotted to Brahma varga as per the Vimsottari dasa system and it is not known in detail how this system of allotment is arrived .The system of finding the nakshatrapada lords is also unique, which would give different lords in the three sectors of 120 degrees apart, other than in the usual navamsa chart. Unfortunately, the system is not easy, the research is not carried forward with much vigor, the books are not available now and not translated into English. Most of the astrologers do not know about this system at all and those who know this system also are no more practicing it. There are lot of gaps in understanding this system to apply it effectively. I have not given many other aspects discussed in the book on theis system such as the details of parts of the body for the nakshatrapadas relating to the critical part for longevity, parivartanas, extension of nakshatrapada lords to Trimsamsa lords (up to 1 degree level), drekkana lords and effects, dwadasama results, janma nakshatra results, planets results, dasa results, professions with two planets associations, the actual complete navamsa graph system, the model horoscope of India given in the book etc due to the restriction of space.

It would be worthwhile that the readers of this esteemed magazine would give some thought over this system and pursue useful research, which may lead to some new revelations in predictive astrology. I am also trying my best in understanding this system .I am hopeful that the present day youngsters intellectual and highly qualified astrologers will do more research in this topic. I am thankful to Sri K.Chalapati Siddhanti who is a disciple of Sri late Krishnamurthy and Smt. Seetha Mahalakshmi who is a disciple of Sri K.Chalapati Siddanti for showing the books and briefing me about this system.