Horoscope of Sri Swami Jnanananda


1. By and large, a person will be a saint or a scientist. But Swami Jnananada was both a saint and a scientist. He did almost 10 years of penance meditations in Himalayas. Later he went abroad and took Doctorate degrees with his background of school education only. He returned to India, worked as assistant director in National physical laboratory and started nuclear department as head and professor in Andhra University. A book on him entitled “The Saint and The Scientist” was published by the University Resources Press, Washington, USA in 1992.


The Theme of the book:


Rasi and Navamsa Charts


2. His horoscope is as follows;











Rahu 28.08



Lagna 23.43

Venus 28.15

Saturn 1.51

Sun 21.07

Mercury 24..39

Moon 26.28






















Bhava chart


3. In Bhava chart (Sripathi Paddhati), Saturn is in 11th Bhava and there is no change for other planets. This is prepared in a computer with Lahiri ayanamsa.


Birth time Rectification


4. Sri Swami Jnanananda was born on 5 December 1896 on a Saturday, in dual sign Sagittarius lagna, in Moon star of Jyesthta 3 pada (Mercury star), in Sukla Paksha,on Padyami thithi. In the book on his life, the birth was given as 6 ghatis 2 vighatis after Sun rise. On that day as per computer the Sun rise local time is 6 hours 18 minutes. The difference between Indian standard time and local time is 4 minutes 30 seconds. As per nadi jyotish tatwa siddhantha rectifying the birth time to that day, lagna, Moon star, Sun rise time for male birth, Swamiji was born at 8 hours 48 minutes 32 seconds in the morning in Akash tatwa. The balance of Mercury Dasa at the time of birth is 4 years 5 months 18 days. The place of birth is Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh, India (lat 16:30 north,long 81:22 east).




5. The original name of Swami Jnanananda is Lakshmi Narasimha Raju. Father is Bhupatiraju Rama Raju, Mother is Seethayamma. Sri Swamiji is the first born with one own sister and step-2 brothers and sisters.


Akasha Tatwa

6. For those born in Akasha tatwa, the natural characteristics are joy, delight, happiness, pleasure, satisfaction, gratification, faith in good periods, liberality, generosity, augmentation, growth, addition, improvement, progress, success, prosperity, fullness, consciousness of possession of means or strength, absence of anxiety, fear or apprehension, power of attracting, drawing towards one’s self, drawing away from attraction fascination, they will have changes in their mental and physical temperaments. In favorable circumstances, they will be torchbearers for high ideals with great qualities, enthusiasm, energy, generosity and independence. In unfavorable circumstances, they can have depressions, dissipating energy. They will have natural confidence, reliance, mental and physical strength. They will be interested in education in philosophy, finance, law and writings. They will have fame and name. Poets, lawyers, yogis, persons with divine strength, persons who talk decisively, generous persons, persons who do not know secret dealings, friendly persons are getting born in this tatwa.

Rahu and Ketu

7. All planets except Mars are in between n Rahu and Ketu. There are no planets in between in some rashis. Rahu in transit will swallow all planets. With some Kalasarpa yoga, some difficulties and losses are to be faced.

Dharma, Ardha, Kama, Moksha

8. There are 5 planets in Moksha rashis,2 planets in Dharma rashis and 2 planets in Ardha rasis. Ketu is Moksha karaka (siginificator). There are more planets in Moksha rasis. When evolved in details Dharma is 22%, Ardha is 22% Kama 22% and Moksha is 33% approximately. Also there are 2 planets and lagna is in eastern direction and 5 planets are in northern direction connected with Moksha. That is, there is more possibility in Moksha and the thrust of life pattern will be mainly towards Moksha.

Bhavas Analysis



9.The lord of Sagittarius lagna is Jupiter. Jupiter and Mars are aspecting the lagna. Venus is in lagna. Lagna is in Venus star. The lord of lagna Jupiter is in Venus star, in Mercury navamsa in 11th with Mars. Mars is retrograde and 5th and 12th lord, Venus is 6th and 11th lord. Venus is in Sun star, in 2nd navamsa in Jupiter house. The Akasatatwa lord is also Jupiter. The lagna karaka Sun is 9th lord. 10.For Sagittarius lagna, Jupiter is the Preceptor of Devas(Gods), significator of knowledge, education. The demons preceptor Venus is the giver of all Satras(sciences).Sun is the Atma (soul) karaka (siginificator).Mercury is mild or gentle natured, endowed with understanding, intellect, rational wise, sensible, shrewd and siginificator for education also. Energetic Mars is also related to lagna.Swamiji has got all these characteristics.

2nd Bhava

11. Since in the 2nd bhava is Rahu,2nd lord Saturn is in 11th with aspect of retrograde Mars,9th lord Sun,8th lord Moon.7th 10 lord Mercury and 2nd bhava karaka Jupiter is in 9th,though there will not be big aspirations for wealth, there will always be help for getting money through some source when needed.

3rd Bhava

12.Since the 3rd bhava has got Jupiter aspect, the 3rd lord Saturn is in 11th with aspect of brothers and sisters karaka Mars, there will be brothers and sisters.

4th Bhava

13. Since 4th lord Jupiter is in the star of 6t lord, he will born to the first wife of his father. 14.Since the mother’s significator Moon in debilitated and aspected by retrograde Mars,the mother’s health will not be satisfactory. There can be severe illness. She will he yet courageous. 15.Since the education bhava 4th lord Jupiter is in 9th,Vidya karakas(education significators)Jupiter and Mercury have got retrograde Mars aspect, though there will be obstacles in education, he will have higher studies.

5th Bhava

16. Though the children 5th bhava has got Jupiter aspect, since the 5th lord mars is retrograde and 12th lord with Saturn aspect and 8th lord Moon aspect, there will not be children or happiness from children.

6th Bhava

17. Since Mars is in 6th bhava with Saturn aspect,8th lord Moon aspect and 6th lord Venus in lagna, there are less chances for good health. Since lagna is aspected by lagna lord Jupiter, major problems in health would not occur.

7th Bhava

18. Snce the marriage bhava 7th has 8th and 11th lord Venus aspect, the 7th lord Mercury is in 12th with Saturn and 8th lord Moon and the 7th bhava has got malefic planets on either side (Papa Graha Argala), there will no be happiness in marriage.

8th Bhava

19. Since Ketu is in 8th,the 8th lord Moon in 12th with 8th karaka Saturn and with 9th lord Sun, and lagna has Jupiter aspect, middle span of life (around 72 years) can be expected. Due to the position of planets in rasi chart life span of 71 years and due to planets position in navamsa life span of 88 years, can be expected., that is there can be a Gandam(chance of life danger) earlier and if survived can continue further life span. Swamiji’s Niryana(death) occurred on 21 September at 73 years.

9th Bhava

20. Since Jupiter is in 9th with Mars aspect,9th lord sun is in 12th with 8th lord Moon with Saturn and with 10th lord Mercury, though there may not be natural prosperity, there will be progress with self-effort. 21.Since there is retrograde Mars is in 7th to Sun, significator of father, and from Sun the 7th lord is Venus also being 12th lord in 2nd house in Dual sign, the father will have more than one marriage. Since next to Sun due to Mercury, the father will be knowledgeable, due Venus wealthy, due to Moon travelling, due to Rahu difficulties, due to aspect of mars energetic, and due to Jupiter in 9th from Sun educated and wise.

10th Bhava

22. Since 10th lord Mercury is in 12th bhava with 8th lord Moon, with 9th lord Sun, with Karma karaka Saturn, though the effect on worldly material profession will be less concerned, he will perform his karma(duties) with high attainment in accomplishing spiritual progress and blossoming.

11th Bhava

23. Since 11th lord Venus is in lagna with lagna lord Jupiter aspect, Saturn is in 11th bhava, there will be gains and income with difficulties .delays and effort.

12th Bhava

24. Since in 12th bhava, there are 9th lord Atmakaraka Sun, Manas(mind)karaka Moon, Buddhi(intellect) karaka Mercury with Shakti(energy)karaka Mars aspect, there will be more exertion with effort towards Moksha (enlightenment liberation),Vairagya(asceticism) and Aadhyatma(spiritualily).There will be travels in foreign countries also.

A School of Nadi Jyotish

25. As per one school of nadi jyotish , Jupiter is Jeeva Karaka,Saturn is Karma karaka. Due to these planets position ,association with other planets and transits, the subject matter of events are to looked into. The difficulties, troubles and hardships are to be seen from the transits of Rahu and Ketu. By taking the order of position of planets in northren direction and the order of the planetary aspects on southern direction, it would come as Saturn +Sun + Mercury + Ketu + Moon + Mars. That means, Karma karaka Saturn would move over these planets. So the effect of those planets as per their karakatwas (signfications) will be there on karma. The effect of Venus and Rahu in the neighbourhood rashis will also be there in karma. That means, the karma karaka Saturn would move over Atmalaraka Sun, Buddhi karaka Mercury, Moksha karaka Ketu,Manas karaka Moon ,Shakti karaka Mars and also over the nearby Venus who is significator for all shastras (sciences)and worldly affairs and Rahu who would give obstructions. Therefore,the native’s karma is concerned with these aspects. Since Sun signifies government, Moon travels, Mercury education andintellect, Ketu asceticism, Mars scientific andtechnical connection, Venus money and marriage, Rahu chaaya sastra(shadow),invisible scientific c pursuits, the karma prevails over these aspects. Rahu in his retrograde transits would devour kalatra(wife)karaka Venus, children andfather karaka Sun, mother karaka Moon, Vidya(education)karaka Mercury, karma (duty) karaka Saturn, Jnana (knowledge, understanding) karaka Jupiter and create difficulties and obstructions. The details about father will be known from the planets posited after Sun. Since Venus is after Sun, father is likely to be wealthy. In Gochara (transits) when Ketu moves over Saturn in Scorpio, there will be ending of karma. Afterwards there will not any activity normally. In 1965 when Ketu was transiting in Scorpio, Swamiji retired from Andhra university as professor. On 21 September 1969,when Ketu was transiting over Jeeva Guru Jupiter, there was ending of Jeeva. Like this many details can be known.

Vimsottari Dasas


Mercury Dasa

26. Let us see the planets dasas (periods as per Vimsottari dasa system.At birth, the balance of Mercury dasa is 4 years 5 months 18 days. Since Mercury is the 7th lord from 4th bhava with Neecha 9debilitated) Moon and 8th and11th lord from Moon and since Ketu mahadasa(main period) almost started, the native’s mother expired in his 4th year.

Ketu and Venus Dasas

27. Ketu main period ended on 24 May 1908.Then,with only 6th class education, beginning of seeds of spiritual thoughts and Sri Krishna mantra from a Maharashtra Swamiji had happened. Since Ketu is Moksha karaka the starting had come like this. Venus main period prevailed from 24 May 1908 to 24 May 1928.In this period, marriage in 1915/16,leaving home on 14 December 1917 for almost 10 years from 1917 to 1927,asceticism,Sanyasa sadhana, satwik food, serious inclination over Brahmam, mental agitations, Tapas(deep and absorbing religious meditations attended with austerity, penance and self mortification)nakedness, poorna samadhi (collecting andcomposing of mind, fixing the thoughts, intentness, attentiveness, intent contemplation, profound andabstract meditation, pefect absorption of thought into the one object of meditation) in Himalayas had occurred. Since Venus is in lagna with aspects of Jupiter and Mars and due to the planets position in the 12th bhava and Ketu in northern direction, though all necessary material arrangements were being done, the research in the spiritual fields happened.

Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu Dasas

28. The Sun main period was upto 24 May 1934,Moon upto 24 May 1944 and mars upto 24 May 1951.In these periods, due to the 12th bhava effect, there were foreign travels and residence abroad for nearly 20 years. Since 9th lord is in 12th,higher education and writings happened and the Doctorate degrees were achieved in foreign countries. Rahu main period occurred from 24 May 1951 to 24 May 1969.Since Rahu is 10th lord (Virgo lord),mainly acquisition of a job in India happened and Since Rahu is in Jupiter house,the job was in a research department. On 5 Dec 1947,he came back to India, and worked as Assistant director in national Physical laboratory, New Delhi in 1948 and as Professor in the Nuclear Physics Department of Andhra University, Visakhapatnam in 1965.He published many writings on Purna yogas, nuclear physics ,poetry etc.

Jupiter Dasa

29. At last on 21 September 1969 in the beginning of Jupiter Maha dasa in 73 years age, he united with Brahmam Though Jupiter is lagna lord because of Ubhaya Kendradhipathi Dosha ( evil due to two dual houses lordship) and connection with 6th and 11th lord Venus and 5th and12 the lord Mars and due to transit of Ketu over Jupiter, Swamiji’s life ended.


30. Many other aspects of the horoscope can be detailed in Sukshma paddathi (subtler way) by going through Dasa , Bhuktis and Antardasas, Shodasa Vargas, Ashtakavarga, Shadbalas, Bhava Balas etc. Under the present discussion, even in Sthula (gross) analysis itself, most details of the life events of Sri Swamiji are confirmed. Due to the problem of space, more details could not be discussed and interested readers can do further analysis from their own experience.